5 Classy Architectural Glass Trends of 2018 For Unique Living

Want to bring your space up to date? Consider glass. This versatile material serves a lot of purposes and looks great doing it, so it’s no surprise that it plays a starring role in some of the year’s hottest architectural trends. If you want your space to look contemporary and unique, glass is a great way to go. Here are some of our favorite architectural glass trends of 2018:

1- Glass Walls & Sliding Walls

Wall glass and windows for new glass trends

Nothing says class quite like floor-to-ceiling glass, and modern homeowners are catching on. Glass walls are a popular way to “open up” a room without changing the dimensions, and they’re perfect for dividing large spaces (or letting more light into smaller ones). Some people opt for sliding glass walls, which make it possible to change the shape of any space almost instantly and redirect foot traffic when necessary. Others use glass walls to expose indoor spaces to the great outdoors (just make sure you pick insulated glass to avoid too much temperature transfer)

2- Live Outdoor with Sunroof

Sunroof glass for room

Getting exposure to nature with sunroof, already trending well. It’s time to utilize the outdoor space and combine insulated glass panels for an aesthetic as well as, safe outdoor roof. Insulated glass protects against the outer climate with its weather resistance power, thus you can enjoy sunroof setup.

3-  Room Dividers and Walls By Following Glass TrendsGlass wall and wall

Another new glass wall trend: glass partitions in offices. Because glass doesn’t interrupt light flow through a room, it’s a great way to divide larger spaces into smaller spaces without making people feel cramped. Keep your workspace safe and opt for tempered glass, which is designed to withstand more force and break into safe, small chunks if damage does happen. Thanks to glass separators, employees can enjoy quiet and privacy without being cut off from the outside world (or even the rest of the office).

4- Glossy Glass Tile Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplash- innovative glass trends

Changing the whole look of your kitchen may not require pricy renovations. Backsplash glass is a simple, beautiful choice that can be customized to fit nearly any style or color scheme, and our glass tiles make it easy to cover the walls above your countertops. Tinted glass and back painted glass both come in shades like white, red, blue, and green, so just choose the glass tiles that are right for your look. Fortunately, glass is also a low-maintenance surface that will be easy to wipe down for years to come.

5- Modern Wall Renovation

Back Painted Glass

Now, sticking to just wall paints and wallpapers for renovation purposes is outdated. The trend of architecture design is moving towards unbelievable updates and building glass architecture trends are becoming more simpler and glassy. Like Back painted glass in tile-shape or panels are been used as wall coverage which is sustainable in use and best to redesign the entire look in affordable price.

any of these architectural Glass trends sound like a good fit for your home or business? Get started on your update today, and order custom glass from Fab Glass and Mirror for best building glass that get shipped free at your place. The shape, size, thickness, shade, and type of glass is completely up to you.

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