5 Fascinating Ideas Candle Decoration at Home

To embellish the ambiance of dining table and also to spread an enthralling feel into the home, candle decoration is something marvelous for transforming the environment or creating special moments. Fab Glass and Mirror would like to highlight the role of this simple of light in home decoration. So, here’s all about the ideas of using candle in your interior, in a best possible way.

     1.Plan a special dinner

Unlike the typical lights, a dinner in candle-light is something to create a fascinating impression even not only to enlighten the area but also to glorify the feelings. It will look like a surprise dinner when the beautiful candles are placed as centerpiece on a glass table.

decorating dinner table with candles


      2.Adorn the interior

Make the candle decoration part of your interior. To assign an inspiring look to your living area, place some candles on your elegant glass shelves-fixed on a wall. The glass will reflect the soothing light and will give the feeling of ease whenever they get enlighten.



     3.Candle decoration for home fragrance

Light, decor and fragrance all are available in single product which is scented candle decoration. You may use it in any boxy room/area which can preserve the suffocation and odor, and can be placed on bathroom shelves/cabinets as well.



    4.Complete the meaning of celebration

Well, whether it’s anniversary/birthday event or an occasional party, the candles fill the color of celebration into the atmosphere.

Featired Image



   5.Get calming effect during meditation

As meditation/spas rooms are been especially designed to bring soothing and relaxing feel in them, there’s a great role of light usage techniques in it. Candle decoration is a good source of dim and soft light which can enhance the concentration and give calming effect during meditation.


These distinctive ways of using candle decoration at home are quite different from casual lighting to be used. Indeed, they’ve a nature to bring a touch of celebration and uniqueness. Get more trending home decor ideas by keeping in-touch with Fab Glass and Mirror.


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