5 Fun Activities- To Spend This Father’s Day in Great Way

It’s a day to dedicate the love and honor to the most caring and protecting relationship of Father. Of, course, there’s must be something special at home or outdoors to do on this day which rejoices your Dad and fill his holiday with cheer. Check out these fun activities by Fab Glass and Mirror to make this Father’s Day celebrating for the entire family.

Activities for all age groups:

  1. Play a mini Golf

Usually fathers are fond of playing golf and this Father’s Day can add a touch of celebration into your mini golf ground. If known then alright, otherwise you may get the services by PGA instructor to let you and Dad get a chance for hang out together in terms of golf series sessions.

1, Play golf


  1. Fun Fishing 

Experience a great bonding with Dad on any fishing pool or lake in the locality. Or enjoy a live hunt on the sea shore if located in the region. It would be truly marvelous to spend some calm moments along with him and nature.

2. Fishing


  1. Fun Cooking

Plan a treat of dinner for your Dad and approach the kitchen to prepare his favorite dish with his recipe but with your hands. Get Dad with you and show your cooking dedication. Moreover, add a celebration feel to the dining table with fancy pots and floral centerpiece.



  1. Dedicated massage

It would be a commendable deed which you can dedicate to Dad. Arrange a professional massaging or favor by your own to soothe down his tired muscles and let him relaxed. Moreover, arrange a home gym by placing gym mirror in any spare area and let him committed to start yoga daily and stay healthy.



  1. Revive Dad’s hobby        

If any of above is the beloved hobby of your Dad then well and good, but if there’s else then make a chance to let it happen. Create a chance and environment that Dad can have his favorite thing to do once again. It may be book reading, art & craft, traveling, volunteer work etc.

5. Revive Dad’s hobby

Wish you a happy and exciting Father’s Day by Fab Glass and Mirror which always stay with you and your lovely home to make every day special.


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