7 Ways to Make Small Apartment Feel Bigger Home Interior

Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home, and a cluttered, small apartment can feel more stifling than relaxing, especially if you’re sharing it with your loved one, family members, and pets. These relatively cheap and easy “home” improvement tricks can make your small apartment feel like it has grown overnight. Fab glass and mirror would love to share some great home interior ideas to improve your existing look of your place.

1- Add Charm in Your Home Interior with Light and Dark Contrast 

use color contrasting technique in your home interior

While most apartments come with a dull mother of pearl or another simple color scheme, try using sharp contrast with broad swathes of white outlined in crisp black. The lining pops the walls out of the room, giving the illusion of more space with minimal cost and effort.

2- Let There Be Natural Light

allow more natural light in your interior

For rooms that border an exterior wall, adding an additional window of insulated glass can bring in the sun without impacting your heating bill. While ordering the insulated glass, keep the direction of the wall in mind, as easterly and westerly walls will get direct sunlight.

3- Expand Your View with Glass Walls or Wall Mirror

Glass wall for more space effect

A wall mirror for wide effect

A staple of lakeside tiny home with large glass walls turn the natural view into your wallpaper. While not every home has a lake, mountain, or other natural feature to gaze on, a backyard garden makes for a wonderful scene – plus you’ll be less likely to forget to water the plants! If wall glass is not right option as it required more effort on revamping the interior. So by simply adding a huge wall mirror on wall could give vastt effect in room.

4- Make Use of Your Walls with Glass Shelves

Glass sheleves on the wall

Getting the most out of your vertical space is essential for keeping a small apartment from feeling cramped. Placing a few rows of glass shelves is fast, easy, and can clear up floor space around your home.

5- Eliminate the Clutter

Clutter free environment

When you have a small space, every cubic inch needs to be examined and assessed to be sure that it’s not being wasted on pointless junk. If you want to keep things visible but sensibly stored, glass cabinets add storage capacity without blocking the view. Even if that space is still occupied, your eyes will be convinced that it’s bigger. Mirrored cabinets take this one step further, creating a loop of vision that tricks and entertains the eyes. You can achieve a similar effect with existing cabinets by transforming them into glass door cabinets. Finding your things will be easier, as well!

6- Add Splashes of Color with a Laminated Glass Backsplash

Laminated glass backsplash

There is no limit to where you can brighten up your home and make it feel bigger by using laminated glass backsplash pieces., which also one of thebest interior ideas For example, you can make your bathroom a crystalline retreat by using blue floor tiles with walls covered in the laminated glass.

7- Use Vertical Design Wallpaper

Wallpaper on the wall

Wallpapers with designs that trail upwards give the eye plenty to look at as they make their way over the wall. The only trick is finding wallpaper that you can tolerate

For adopting the most unique, modern yet budget friendly home interior ways to add charm in your small home or apartment , glass products are one best option. Order a glass or mirror by Fab Glass and Mirror, you’re more than welcome to choose a custom cut size and add edgy effect in your interior while saving enough with our free delivery service.

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