Back painted Glass – Budget Friendly, Low Maintenance Option for Home & Office Interior

The use of back painted glass has been on the rise lately as it is a budget friendly and low maintenance alternative for both homes and offices. If you love decoration your home interior with glass or if you’re looking for glass interior design ideas for a corporate office, this article will be useful to you.

What is back painted glass?

Back painted glass

This colorful vibrant glass refers to ultra clear glass that has been painted in such a way that colors can be seen through it. It is also heat cured and this ensures that the paint remains as a permanent part of the glass. The glass cat be cut to fit any dimensions and custom cut back painted glass is a great decor option for those who want to try out a DIY interior project at home or for those who need to consider glass interior design ideas in the office.


 Glass with back paint in home

Back painted glass for living room

Home interior with glass are quite common these days. Hence, back painted glass is a common trend found these days. It can be used on countertops as well. Therefore it provides a wide range of customizable options.

Back painted glass isn’t limited to bathrooms and the kitchens. Interior designers and homeowners are increasingly updating other rooms with creative back painted glass ideas. This is also possible because the color possibilities are limitless. For a home, back painted glass could be implemented on table tops, counter tops, to replace bathroom tiles and so on. A new coffee table in the porch or living room with a paint design of your choice will be the perfect fit for your home.

This glass can even be used for dining tables or for decorative purposes in the living room and bedrooms. If accent walls interest you, then you can add a back painted sheets to the wall to any room will give it a unique look.


Back painted glass for offices

Back painted glass for office

Glass interior design ideas for offices are vast when using back painted glass. In a corporate setup, this type of decor can be warmer and inviting. Business owners can modify the look of the interiors to suit their corporate theme using back painted glass. It gives off a smooth and brighter look which is perfect for contemporary office spaces.

That decorative kind of glass can be used even as a message board in offices as they can safely dry erase ink. It can even be used when designing the employee’s workstation to create a more welcoming ambience plus a message board that keeps them feeling upbeat and productive work a place.

Overall, back painted glass has proven to be a viable option for interior decor both in the home and office space as it is cheaper and requires very little maintenance.

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