Black Round Modern Glass Side Table

Get Sleek, Modern and Innovative Side Table branded by Fab Glass and Mirror

This 17 1/2 inch black glass side table can be used as a modern coffee table, round cocktail table or black end table. With a pencil edge 3/8 inch thick back painted black glass, it has plenty of space for multiple functions. These black glass side tables are both beautiful and function for your living room, den or office space. Add this contemporary table to make a bold statement in your home.Our unique product is available in three different colors. These coffee tables are simply eye catching because of their unique teardrop shape. The quality of these products is simply excellent with a 10mm thick clear glass top.


The glass table top is made with a standard polished edge produced by a straight line rectilinear or CNC machine. This machine produces a fine flat polished and tempered 1/4 inch or 6mm thick with back painted glass table top suitable for all furniture glass and frameless toughened panels.

The glass used to make this table is tempered glass which is toughened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling during manufacturing. Tempered glass is two or more times stronger than annealed glass. If broken, tempered glass shatters into many small fragments in order to prevent serious injuries. Tempered glass is intended for use in any situation requiring superior strength and safety properties where standard glass poses a risk.




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