Let’s Celebrate Fourth of July in a Great Way

Summer is like a season of cheer and lots of celebrations. Here’s a great National Holiday is approaching and there must be something special to celebrate Fourth of July. 

Fab Glass and Mirror wishes a happy Independence Day and is again with you to celebrate also this national event in following unique ways.

Outdoor Celebrations on Fourth of July

  1. A patriotic visit to nation’s capital

Although, it’s the day when the whole USA is embellished like a bride, but there’s something unforgettable in nation’s capital. Plan to come out and be a part of national parade in Washington DC. Be ready to warmth your patriotism in a huge disciplinary crowd while watching military demonstrations and fauji bands.


  1. Get into New York celebrations

The celebration of Independence without fireworks is truly incomplete and if you are in or can approach the city then don’t miss the spectacular fireworks take place in New York.

Hope everyone in the States had a great Independence Day. These were taken from my building's roof in Brooklyn, with the Manhattan Bridge in the foreground.

  1. Attend community picnics or local events

Another enthusiastic way to celebrate this Independence day, is to join the community picnics held by different organizations or you may plan a personal one with your family and friends. Moreover, many local concerts and events have been conducted which can be another option to indulge the 4th of July in the color of patriotism via wonderful performances.


Celebrating Fourth of July at your Home

  1. Quick patio setup for national holiday

Arrange an instant patio sitting at your patio. Place some seaters and a patio table and give patriotic touch by placing some cushions and balloons of red, blue and white in color. Then organize a bonfire BBQ program to fill a zest into this atmosphere.
1. Quick patio setup for national holiday-(Indoor).. (1)

  1. Easy patriotic home decor

2. Easy home decor-Indoor (1)

Make some easy and quick updates to your home that it looks like a celebration yard for Independence Day. Simply place USA flag themed pillow with plan bedsheet. Also use the already existing vases and wrap-up them by using flag’s colors and place on glass shelves as floral decors. Furthermore, simply utilize an elegant decorative wall mirror for applying temporary three colored ribbons or paper flowers/stars to create a rich patriotic feel.

  1. Independence feast on dining table

3. Attend community picnic..-(outdoor)

e. Independence feast on dining table-(Indoor)

It’s a perfect day for baking red, white and blue, treats for your national day’s feast on dining table. Cut a cake and enjoy a delectable combine dinner after a rejoicing cookout.

So, be in full swing with Fab Glass and Mirror to get your most memorable celebrations for up-coming national holiday and get into the colors of deep patriotism.

Wish you a very happy independence day!

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