5 Convenient Glass and Mirror Furniture Options for New Home Makeovers

Planning a home makeover? Glass and mirror furniture and decor is perfect for an elegant home that wants to let off an increased sense of space of grace. Glass has always been a popular decor material in furniture and is as popular as wood. It can be used in a wide array of modern designs and brings to the table versatility and simplicity. Let’s take a look at some glass and mirror furniture with strength and durability that will set the bar for sophistication and functionality in your home.

Glass and Mirror Table Tops

Table fusion of wood and glass

On the top of the list are glass and mirror table tops! There’s so much you can do with glass and mirror table tops as they’re highly customizable and can suit any space. A custom glass table top can be placed on a vintage or modern base. Using transparent glass for the table top will create an illusion of increased space. Note that glass and mirror table tops are extremely durable. You can choose from a range of varieties for your custom glass table top such as polished edge glass, beveled glass or even tempered varieties. You can also invest in a glass table top cover to protect your furniture. It will help preserve both the value and the look of the furniture. You can incorporate back painted glass if you wish to add more color to suit your interior decor.

Glass and Mirror Decor for Large Walls

room decor with mirror

There are several options to choose from for glass and mirror decor for large walls such as a large wall mirror itself. Nothing says sophisticated like a large wall mirror. There are mirrors that come with lighting and can be placed in different rooms for different functions. For instance, you could have a large wall mirror in the wash room or even in the living room. A large wall mirror makes for a great piece of decor and since you can style it according to your interior theme you will have a perfect addition to your home decor.

Glass and Mirror Wall Shelves

Glass and mirror decor to display plants

You can also think about glass or mirrored shelves for walls with loads of empty space. They do not give off an awkward look at all and instead provide an illusion of space along with the feel of elegance. It’s a great way to store your books or cutlery. Note that back painted glass can be used in the case that you need the new furniture to suit your old theme.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamp for home decor

Salt lamps are probably one of the most beautiful decorations for your interiors. They can be used in so many ways and can be placed in almost any area. Salt lamps can be placed on glass and mirror table tops as well and can be combined with other beautiful elements like vases to add to the vibrancies. There are himalayan salt lamps that come in different shapes and sizes and can even be found in decor stands which will reduce your creative work to a great extent.

Glass and Mirror Corner Shelves

Corner glass shelf

Glass and mirror corner shelves are a great way to store your items. They can be used in living rooms or even in the bathroom to store toiletries. These types of shelves can be customized completely to suit your requirements. Not only are they durable and functional but they also add to the elegance of your interior decor. Apart from these options there are several more glass and mirror decor such as the glass backsplash concept. The glass backsplash concept is widely used in modern kitchens.

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