Decorate Interior with Antique Mirror – DIY Project for the Pros

Mirrors are generally a superb way to add a touch of elegance and make any room look brighter and feel more spacious. With distressed patches, ornate detailing and elaborate frames, an antique mirror can easily fill any space with charm, character, and glamor. Using antique mirror to decorate your interior is a perfect project for a seasoned DIYer. However, you must know which mirror clips and glass shelf brackets will marry well with your interior decor. Ultimately, the trick is knowing how to style and place the mirrors.

Herein, we’ve put together 5 amazing ways you can tastefully use antique mirrors to decorate your interior design.

Go for Oversize Mirror to Open Up Small Spaces

Antique mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, which gives you a ton of styles to choose from. If you have a small bathroom, hallway or bedroom that seems to be crammed up, you need to opt for an oversized mirror.

Big doesn’t mean boring, though. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing a tall, ornamentally framed mirror, preferably one that’s 3/4 as tall as the wall. This will work like a charm on several levels. It’ll not only brighten up your space by offering a sense of more room but also give you more mirror real estate. This way, you can check yourself out from the head to toe.

For a truly awesome style, put a few pieces of vintage furniture in front of the mirror to augment the room’s personality. Of course, you’ll need a handful of mirror clips to hold it in place.

Hanging an Elegant-Shaped Antique Mirror will Spruce Up a Boring Space

This is the beauty of antique mirrors. They fit right into different style rooms, adding instant transformation. If you are tired of your rectangular, boring bathroom or kitchen, an antique mirror with an elaborate frame and beautiful shape will do the trick.

Make the mirror your room’s center of interest by installing sconce lights on both sides. By being the focal point, the mirror will help bring visual interest and character into an otherwise mundane or dull space.

Add Some Chic, Informal Touch to your Bathroom Shelves with Small Mirrors

Chic, Informal Touch to your Bathroom Shelves with Small Mirrors

This is perhaps the simplest and yet most tasteful DIY project on this list. The most important step is to shop for an even number of small antique mirrors. You will need some floral display vases too.

First, even out the mirrors on vanities or shelves in your bathroom. Now, place the flower vases in between the small mirrors. The result will be quite a sight. The mirrors will help reflect the beautiful edges of the florals, creating an informal design that’s chic yet not too shabby.

One Up your Hallways with Mismatched Antique Mirrors

Hallways with Mismatched Antique Mirrors

The walls of your entryway and hallways can use a little life. Install a set of small to medium-sized antique mirrors. They should be staggered or mismatched in a row down the hall. Alternatively, you can form a cluster around the wall.

Use glass shelf brackets and mirror clips that don’t scream out. This setup will lend a feeling of wideness to your hallway without bringing in some clutter.

Hang Antique Mirror above a Fireplace, Piano

Hang Antique Mirror above a Fireplace, Piano 

Old-style pianos, fireplaces, and cabinets can look out of place in a modern home. You can correct this by hanging a few antique mirrors above them to enhance their natural, classy look.This doesn’t just apply to old-timey looking accessories. It can do equally well if you hang the mirrors above modern items like minimalist sinks, and media cabinets, adding a liberal feel to space.

Take a moment and contemplate how you can incorporate antique mirrors into your interior design. Choose the best spot in your room of choice, whether that’s your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or hallway.

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