Decorating a Teen’s Bedroom Exclusively

If you are looking to decorate or redesign a teen’s bedroom, there are a few key elements that can make it successful, no matter what kind of taste your child has at the moment. If you have a small bedroom that the teen has now outgrown, there are some ways you can redesign inside the same space and make it look larger. Also, a teen wants to feel like they are growing up now, and some elements such as an oval wall mirror or other glass fixtures give more of that “grown up” feel to the entire room.

One way to begin is to work with colors that the teen likes, to form a complementing color scheme in the room. Repaint, get new bedding, and invest in new curtains or window treatments to match this new color scheme. You will also want to remove any excess furniture to give the space a cleaner, more sophisticated look. An oval wall mirror is great for both girls and boys. It has a practical purpose since most teens care about what they look like, and this lets them primp and prep all they want, without hogging up the bathroom. A long or oval wall mirror can make a small room look bigger or add dimension to a larger room. It also gives a mature, modern feel to the room. Teens also enjoy the classic trick of writing on a wall mirror with a dry erase marker.

So, as you can see, you can roll form, function, and fun into one space. Your teen will love it!

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