Glass As A Green Design Element

glass cabinet with lightsWhen you think of ‘green’ and sustainable design materials, glass may not be your first thought. Reclaimed wood, paper products, and hemp fabrics have had a huge spotlight in the design trend world lately. An unsung hero in green design? Glass.

Glass is completely recyclable, virtually infinitely. It’s a natural mix of sediments (think sand) that is heated until it becomes a moldable liquid, so it’s relatively easy for artisans and factories to crush and melt old glass to create new objects like curvy soda bottles, frosted glass cabinets, and tinted glass panels. The recycling process even consumes less energy than creating new glass from scratch.

Glass stays beautiful for decades with proper care, and it’s an easy method to incorporate a sleek modern look into an environmentally-conscious home. And when it does eventually break or lose its luster? Recycle it!

Want some sweet design inspiration that celebrates the green attributes of glass? Try these:

A Sleek Modern Curio

Did your grandma have a tall, golden curio cabinet filled with porcelain kittens? The designs translate as being fairly gaudy by modern design standards, but a glass curio cabinet with lights can be a beautiful addition to a room. How to dress up a plain glass cabinet with lights? You can go the traditional curio route and fill it with special knick-knacks, or you can go the millennial ‘plant mom’ route and turn that curio into the world’s prettiest indoor plant house. A glass cabinet with lights translates beautifully as a terrarium of sorts. Just have some quality, eco-friendly glass cleaner nearby.

An Erasable Glass Board

A beautiful alternative to the simple dry-erase whiteboard, and a reusable eco-friendly alternative to sticky notes and other paper products. Glass erase boards are relatively new to the non-commercial market, and they’re just so chic looking. Don’t forget to find the appropriate glass board pens to write with; use black for a minimalist flair or keep it fresh and colorful with bright ones.

Accenting With A Small White Glass Table

Need we even say much to point out how adorable a well-designed white table with a glass top is? Chic, minimalist, bold, and it will look completely photo-ready with some books and a simple vase stacked on top.

Will you incorporate glass into your next green-focused home designs?

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