Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Fab Glass and Mirror to all his customers. On this special occasion Fab glass and mirror has announced special deals with exclusive coupon code for its newsletter subscribers. There they can get 10% off by applying exclusive coupon code. There you can enjoy a hefty amount of saving from $30 to $100. Isn’t that amazing chance to create a new look in your home? Even when your bank account is about to break because of holiday shopping. At Fab Glass and Mirror you have number of options in every product that you select. If we you’re thinking to change your dining table in this season, there you can select shape and size according to your need. At Fab Glass and Mirror, we offer round, square and rectangle glass table tops, plus we can custom cut glass to any size and shape you need, such as oval. A rectangular or oval table can provide a lot of dining room seating, while a square or round table helps a smaller group interact better during dinner since everyone faces each other.
Furthermore, we have many different options to customize the thickness, color, finish and polish of the dining room glass. The polish is based on personal preference, although beveled or pencil edge polishes add more elegance to the table to fit a dining room. You can choose a stunning clear glass table or opt for a bright or bold color to fit the decor of the room, to add beauty and elegance in your place, this Valentine’s day. There for the finish, tempered glass is a stronger safety glass if you have kids or the table will have heavy use.

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