How Magnetic Glass Boards Could be A Revolutionary Furnishing Item?

With the transforming era, it’s highly needed to also transform the ways of living to meet the pace of modern age. If we’re particularly focusing the advanced living, we must have to modify it materially with trendy products. Fab Glass and Mirror is supporting your effort of modernizing lifestyle with its trendy glass products. Magnetic Glass Board is a revolutionary product to enhance productivity and stunning effect in educational and work environment 

Following reasons are enough to satisfy one that why should replace whiteboards with our magnetic glass eraser boards!


Drawbacks of Using White Boards

In workplaces, the use of whiteboards is quite outdated. They’re inconvenient for user to write in a smooth way because sometimes the material causes hurdle and also receive scratch while writing. Thus, they not look ugly but make your workplace drag & boring and pretty conventional look. Plus white board has pretty shinny surface which reflects the enormous amount of light that makes it becomes a real big disappointment when comes to maintaining the audience attention quite longer. Because of its light reflecting people feel tried all the while.  

Advantages of Advanced Magnetic Glass Eraser Boards

Magnetic glass eraser boards have durable material that lasts as longer as your walls. They look incredibly stylish and literally redefines an aesthetic appearance of classrooms, conference rooms, training centers, offices etc. This would definitely help students to enhance their interest and increase their attention span.  Moreover, they’re smoother to write and erase. You can even launch a notice board and gallery on it by attaching sheets/photos with magnets.  

We have made this transition from whiteboard to magnetic glass erases boards possible to adopt by ensuring the quality material, contemporary look and budget friendly offers. Our customers love our products and service.

What Our Customer Says!

One of our prestigious client has recently replaced the classrooms of his school from white board to the glass boards. There they people find this change terrific and get drastically positive results. That makes Glass Boards a big hit in educational and all kinds of working environment.

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“The biggest advance in white boards, ever”

We’re gradually switching our classrooms to glass boards, and until now that meant buying large sheets of tempered glass, applying an expensive primer to the back, buying copious numbers of edge grips to hold them in place, and screwing in a pricey metal marker shelf underneath. With this wonderful product, we get the glass with the white backing already applied and built in marker and eraser holders. As a bonus, the glass boards are magnetic, and the kit comes with powerful magnets to hang papers with.

They look stunning and work magnificently. And the best part of all is that we spent a lot less on these than we used to jerry-rigging them ourselves. This is the way to go for almost any office or classroom”  Customer Name – Scott


Well, Fab Glass and Mirror is privileged to contribute as an organizer and modifier of your happy lifestyle. We’ve custom cur options in most of our products that exactly adjust into your home and workplace. So, visit us to get your old interior look like modern and luxurious.

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