How to Clean Your Kitchen Table Properly

Indeed a clean and hygienic kitchen is a guarantee of healthy family.. In actual, a kitchen table is the spot which narrates the story of kitchen’s entire cleanliness. However, it’s too hard to get rid of the mess of scattered utensils every time but with Fab Glass and Mirror’s DIY ideas, it’s going to be simple now.

1. Remove the extra items
First, sort the extra items which are creating a mess on your table by placing them on a permanent storage place. It will assign a neat and organized look to your kitchen.

1. Remove extra items
2. Put everything on its place
The main reason of an awful table is the mismanagement of things. Define separate portions for daily used items which do not look ugly.

2. Put everything on its place
3. Use a washable piece of towel
You may use the sponge to wipe off the table but a piece of towel would be the best option to absorb the water and wash easily. It’s notable that let the table air dry properly and don’t place anything on it when you wipe it off and its surface is wet.

3. Use washable piece of towel
4. Throw the trash instantly
After preparing a meal, pay attention to your kitchen table which serves you as a best helper to place and pick items while cooking. Mostly the trash is been left on table which invites germs and insects. Always put a trash bag or dustbin beside the table to throw the garbage instantly rather to use your table as a trash storage place.

4. Throw trash
5. Use antibacterial cleaning liquids
As, various low cost and quality cleaning liquids are available in the market. Always choose antibacterial cleansers which properly remove the germs from table and minimize the chances of unhygienic in-takes.


So, it’s too easy to make your kitchen’s main serving place neat and clean. Although, the convenient design and quality material also plays significant role in regular cleaning process. And Fab Glass and Mirror seeks to fulfill your household needs, that’s why it provides quality, stylish and easy-to-use products. Visit to get exciting offers on most of the products:

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