Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Space with Wall Mirror

Decorating with mirrors is one of the best adornment tricks, since they give an illusion of spaciousness in small spaces, increase the illumination and adorn the house, all with a relatively low budget, because, with some creativity and imagination, there are countless options available to decorate with wall mirrors. After all, nowhere it’s a law that you should only hang a glass square on the wall to decorate. Researching a little, it’s amazing how many imaginative ideas social networks have given us to decorate with a mirror, and they don’t even required huge budgets.  For this reason, today we will offer you 5 ideas that you can apply to decorate any room with wall mirrors.

1.       Don’t be limited by the traditional décor

Frameless bathroom mirror

The first and most important thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself to a square or rectangular wall mirror with frame, but you can opt for a frameless mirror with original shapes. Round, oval, octagonal, diamonds, even hearts, there are many mirrors designs available on the market. And if none is to your liking, you can always order a custom one.

2.       Modernize your wall mirror decor

modern LED mirror

Just as you shouldn’t limit yourself to the traditional, you shouldn’t reject the newer. For example, you can opt for Fab Glass and Mirror’s new LED wall mirrors to not only have a frameless mirror for the bathroom, but also one that has integrated illumination (perfect for nocturnal visits to the bathroom), and its shape varies from traditional rectangles to ovals and squares with rounded corners.

3.       Combine art and wall mirror

combination of mirrors

A great concept, ideal for those houses with a vintage air, is to combine several wall mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and frames, all in one wall.

4.       Use Decorative Wall Mirrors Shapes

mirror in hallway

You can also use decorative wall mirrors, which, instead using traditional frames, try on original and unusual shapes that will allow you to give any hallway or bathroom in your house a focal point from which you can start the rest of the design of a room.

5.       Leave you personal mark

Unique wall mirror idea

Are you a good artist and do you have painting skills? Perhaps the ideal thing for you is to make good use of the white walls of your house as if it were a canvas and to paint some drawing around a mirror. In this way, you can turn the mirror into the central axis of an incredible work of art that, for sure, you will know is original and that nobody else possesses.

Don’t limit yourself

In the end, the most important thing is that you don’t limit yourself to pre-defined concepts when using a wall mirror to decorate your home. You can check on the Internet and find, literally, infinite sources of inspiration to give a new, original and interesting use to any mirror, which will allow you to decorate any room in a way that represents your tastes and personality. From traditional silver or plastic frames to completely original ones made of mosaics, wood or any other material you can imagine. Only the sky is the limit.

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