Innovative Interior Ideas with Colored Glass for Office Decor

Office exterior and interior design with glass is beautiful, stylish and versatile. This timelessly popular and elegant material allows to creating bright and bold office interiors. Gorgeous applications of colored glass in modern interior design beautify living spaces and help creating eco-friendly workplace environment and architectural trends. Glass is one of the best tools to create unique, spectacular and modern interior design that highlight spaciousness and fresh feel of modern offices décor..


1- Glass wall and ceiling designs

Colored glass ceiling

Glass wall and ceiling designs look supper cool and unique. Wall’s Partition and glass block wall design ideas are one of the most popular glass applications in today’s interior design.


2- Colored glass office cabin dividers

Colored glass office cabin divider

Modern office design and conference room decorating with glass dividers and warm decorative glass walls allow enriching interiors with creativity and contemporary vibe. When decorating with glass you can dramatically transform your office exterior and interior design. Glass partition walls, sliding doors and glass decorations bring more natural light into office and create eye-catching accents.


3- Office exterior colored glass walls

Colored glass for office exterior

Glass is a beautiful, energizing material. All glass applications let natural sunlight overflow throughout the workplace, offering elegant and functional ideas to brighten up modern interior design and beautify office exterior walls.


4- Enhance appearance of rooms with backsplash glass

Colored glass for walls

Among the many ways to design an office backsplash glass has become a highly popular trend recently. Indeed, wherever they are installed, they bring undeniable magic to the space. Glass backsplashes have the property of reflecting the light and therefore brightening a whole room. An office colored glass backsplash will help bring the interior design of your space to a whole new level, providing a contemporary look.


5- Back painted glass tables

Back painted glass

A fun product to work with is back-painted glass. Glass may be sleek for aesthetic reasons, but back painted glass design is smart because of its functionality.There are some other ideas of how we can use back painted glass in office interior like white glass can be applied as a cabin divider to provide an elegant, smooth and clean surface. Copper colored glass makes a stunning reception desk in a commercial office.


6- Colored pattern and frosted glass in office 

Colored glass for room privacy

Colored pattern glass is the ideal option if you want extra privacy in a particular room or area but wish to retain natural light transmittance. This glass is widely used in offices and open plan areas, as people behind the glass are subtly blurred. Colored textured glass is also great if you wish to hide an unpleasant view but still want to maximize the natural light entering the room.

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