4 Clever Tricks for Making a Small Room Feel Big and Bright

small glass table

Many of us end up living in a home or apartment with some space limitations. While you likely can’t physically blow open the walls, smart design can help make a room seem more open and spacious. Here are four tips for selecting furniture and decorations that expand rooms visually.


  1. Limit ClutterThe first and most obvious step to making a space feel larger is to put less stuff in it. If you’re moving to a new location, go through your belongings and throw out unnecessary items before they have a chance to crowd your new space. If you’re redesigning, get rid of any items that you haven’t used recently or that you don’t love for their appearance.
  2. Add Glass ElementsReflective or transparent furniture and decorations immediately make a space expand visually. A small glass table next to a couch or used as a coffee table allows the viewer to see through its surface, so the eye passes over and through it to other design elements. Mirrors also trick the eye; they create an odd sense of depth as viewers look past the wall and into the reflected space.
  3. Choose a Focal PointJust as clear glass elements deflect a viewer’s gaze, a bright, interesting statement piece of art or furniture will draw a viewer’s gaze. Choosing one part of a room to highlight will make any space seem larger as other elements fade from interest. For example, a red chair in a reading nook will draw attention and make the room seem larger if the decor elsewhere is minimal and clean.
  4. Maximize LightingFinally, a bright room is a big room. Make the most of natural lighting by keeping windows minimally blocked. Adding reflective design elements, like small glass tables or floating glass shelves, can help scatter light to a room’s darker corners. Don’t overdo reflective surfaces, though– try frosted glass cabinets or even a small, black glass table to distribute light without having too many repeated images in mirror-like surfaces. If you want to keep windows uncovered but are wary of too much heat and glare entering the room, tinted glass panels in windows are a great option, too.


With smart design elements, small rooms can be charming and cozy without feeling cramped. By creating focal points and playing with light, you can achieve a dramatic and expansive look in almost any undersized room!

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