Maximize Work Efficiency with Magnetic Glass Eraser Board

To chase the pace of transforming and being successful in this rapidly progressing era , it’s needed to update the working style. And to achieve this motto, Fab Glass and Mirror has introduced another item which will increase your productivity, is magnetic glass eraser board. It’s a contemporary, decorative, fun and practical version of white board. Here we tend to let you explore unique and convenient uses of this product.

  • Use of Glass Board in Conference Rooms


Glass Board for conference room

Now, it’s easy and exciting to make your presentation more convincing. With magnetic glass eraser boards, your demonstration can be delivered an impressively when you will pursue a smooth write-up in more attractive presenting manner.

  • Magnetic Glass Boards in Learning Centers


Replacing the typical white boards with modern magnetic glass eraser boards is a valuable part of your learning center’s modification. Thus, the teaching techniques can be more effective and appealing for learners.

  • An Essential Office Item



No doubt, an up-to-date official environment adds an impression to the clients and employees as well. By installing a sophisticated colored megnatic glass eraser board, your office would become really convenient to display all the daily reminders, notes and schedules; as well as it will modernize  the appearance of working area.

  • Installing Glass Boards in Study Rooms


While attempting a test or preparing for an exam, this magnetic glass eraser board is a perfect item which is more useful than note pads for rewriting and practice. Simply the board eraser or paper towels make it look like new one.

  • Take Notes/or Make Photo Gallery


Colorful magnetic glass eraser boards contain an aspect of decor and embellishment. It’s an amazing idea to use a magnetic glass board as base and showcase your drawing catalog. Moreover, you may create a photo gallery; share your memories by  simply attaching photographs on it with super strong magnets.

So, modify and maximize the working with useful magnetic glass boards which are available at Fab Glass and Mirror. Visit to get exciting offers with a wide range of colors and sizes in magnetic glass eraser boards.

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