Minimalist Bathroom Updates Idea before Selling Your Home

Glass shelves Refurbishing or remodeling your home is one of the best ways to add value and increase the price tag for your property. And among the areas that need to be renovated is the bathroom, which is one area that can easily undergo wear and tear. Using a minimalist design for your bathroom updates on the other hand is a perfect way to upgrade and modernize its style and appearance that will not only optimize space but make design more comfortable, sophisticated and modern.


In remodeling your bathroom, you don’t necessarily need to redo all of its components. You need to focus on the functional components that are most used such as the plumbing and showers, the components that are most visible such as cabinets as well as smaller elements that make the biggest impression such as the lighting. Here is a simple way to renovate and transform your bathroom to a minimalist bathroom focusing on the use of glass.

Add some interest with Lights 

Decorative mirror in bathroom

Lighting will not only provide design but also affects the ambiance of your bathroom.  For a minimalist style, you may opt for recessed light fixtures with bright daylight to make your bathroom look cool and cozy, in order to make it conducive for relaxation or leisure.

Make it clutter free with glass shelves

Glass shelf for bathroom

Replace wooden cabinets with glass display cabinets for storage. Using glass shelves maintain the brightness of the room by naturally reflecting light.  Glass display cabinets moreover provides for a sophisticated contemporary design. The glass shelves can be customized in order to fit the dimensions of the bathroom. It also comes in different color shades which will add panache and elegance.

Add spacious look with mounting wall mirror

Mirror in Bathroom

Mirrors are important in the bathrooms because we need to see ourselves to perfectly fix our external look or appearance.  Aside from its apparent functionality however, mirrors help create an illusion of space by reflecting open spaces, which will ultimately make your bathroom look bigger and not constricted that in turn impresses cosines.

Go simple yet perfect with LED bathroom mirror cabinet

LED Mirror Cabinet in bathroom

LED lighted mirror storage combines smart design and stylish use. More than just style that cleverly illumine areas to allow you to see better, it also adds to aesthetically spruce up your bathroom atmosphere, which explains the surge of its popularity in recent years.

Add small Indoor Plants for pleasing touch

Indoor plant in bathroom

The placement of small plants in bathrooms in the corner or curved wall shelf, not only provides a nature’s touch to your bathroom. More importantly, plants function as to help freshen and purify the air inside the bathroom. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is one of the pleasant yet simple bathroom updates. It also helps soak up air moisture. Plants help maintain fresh indoor air quality in the bathroom.

More sunshine with privacy use frosted glass window

bathroom custom mirror

Using frosted glass windows can transform your bathroom into an astonishing & classy place. Frosted glass in the bathroom allows a preferred level of solitude safety and privacy while simultaneously permitting a level of translucency for sunshine to get in.  Allowing sunlight to the bathroom not only provides natural lighting but fighting and killing germs in the bathroom.

Vintage towel hanging

Clean white towel on a hanger prepared in bathroom

A modern minimalist bathroom updates can incorporate classic elements such as vintage tool hanging primarily as a decorative element of the room. While a purely decorative element can be considered a distraction in a minimalist perspective, its lone inclusion is akin with modern design.


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