5 Things You Must Do to Prolong Your Glass Board Life

The aesthetically pleasing design promotes creativity and sets up a strong foundation of ingenuity in any space. The need of enhanced creativity in any instructional and professional space based on the advanced equipments and glass board is one of them. These boards are the simply modern alternative to outdated whiteboards that quickly become hazy and murky. The extensive popularity of modern board is majorly due to its enhanced strength and improved aesthetic appeal. Besides this, these glass boards are also easy to maintain and provide the best solution to the leading concerns associated with whiteboards.

These glass boards utterly give a nicer look to the place where they installed and last longer than the traditional boards. However, there are some smart hacks & tips which can be used to prolong the life of these modernistic boards. But most importantly, maintenance is the key that holds the power to keep the beauty and functionality of any design element.

Here is a list of 5 things you must do to prolong the life of a glass board:

1) Use Erasable Markers

Markers for glass boards

Well the most important thing to keep in view is, the perfect erasability comes with the use of good quality ink and easily erasable markers. A compromise on the quality of markers could lead to the rapid decay of the board. A good marker dries quickly and is odorless. It is recommended to avoid water-based markers that dampen the writing surface. Though always ensure that the marker is tightly capped when not in use. Furthermore, low odor markers must be avoided as it doesn’t suit the smooth surface of the glass boards.

2) Wipe Away Glass Board Every Day

clean glass board daily

Even a good quality marker can haze up the board if left on the board for a long period. The ink sets on the surface with time and becomes merely impossible to erase. It is recommended to erase the board every day to prolong its life and keep its aesthetic superiority intact. Lack of regular erasing leads to ghosting which spoils the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the contemporary boards. So, advanced cleaning procedure such as soil mark cleaning is required to remove such ink left on the board for several days.

3) Avoid Paint Removers or Abrasives

Paint removers or abrasives are the last thing you would want to apply on your contemporary glass boards. Such hard cleaners must not be used as they damage the smooth surface of the board, under no circumstances. Therefore, household cleaners are the best suited for cleaning stubborn stains and cause minimal damage to the surface of the board. Denatured alcohol and glass cleaner can also use for this purpose.

4) Adopt Careful Cleaning Method

Careful way to c;lean the board

The modern alternative to outdated whiteboards requires regular rinsing with clean & clear water. Muddled or dirty water could badly and damage the surface of the board. Using clean & clear sponge is not only a simple hack for effective cleaning but also a simple way of prolonging the life of the board.
Clean & dry cloth or towel should use to wipe dry glass board after rinsing with the water. However it’s a simple hack for properly drying the board and prolonging its life include the use of multiple dry towels.

5) Regularly Refill Glass Board Markers

Regularly Refill of Markers

A fresh ink looks clear and pleasant to the eye, on the other hand is also easier to clean. Therefore, regularly recapping or refilling the board markers is a simple hack for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the board and prolonging its life.

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