Table Decor Ideas Using Mirror Centerpieces for Events and Family Parties

Table centerpieces have always been a prominent part of any event decor. They add a special elegance to the entire ambience and if done correctly, can bring out the theme of the event in a subtle way. Mirror centerpieces have always been a crowd favorite! We’ve gathered some table decorating ideas involving mirror centerpieces for you to take a look at.

Note that all of these ideas incorporate round mirror plates as we find them to be the trendiest decor item for the season. It is best to place decorative items beneath the glass for a more vibrant visual effect or to decorate the top of it by placing relevant, thematic items. Here are a few notable mentions.

Decor with Mirror Centerpieces and Candles

Mirror Centerpiece

Using round mirror plates to hold up a set of beautiful scented candles is always a winner. You can use candles that suit the color theme of the event and no matter what the shades may be, the round mirror will be sure to make the decor look even more elegant.

You can use a different assortment of candles and also place a few flowers in between them if you want to add to the beauty of the mirror centerpiece. This is a great idea that is incorporated at most weddings or dinner parties.


Round Mirror Centerpieces and Flower Vases

Mirror Centerpieces with Vase

Another great way to use round mirror plates is to place delicate and sleek vases on top of them that hold beautiful flowers that suit the decor theme. You can never go wrong with floral arrangements for an event.

It is perfect for a sophisticated and formal party or even for weddings. Flowers will help add some life to the ambience and the mirror centerpiece will let the flowers take center stage with its glistening base. It is a great way to light up the place and make things more natural.


Round Mirror Centerpieces to Display Food

rror plates and food display


If you are having a huge crowd over with a wide range of cuisine, you might want to use round mirror plates to showcase some of the best food items you have to serve. Small items like sushi or caviar can go on mirror centerpieces. It is best to arrange them in a symmetric or well-designed pattern to add to the vibrance of the event.

Birthday parties can have mirror centerpieces on the table that have candy or other treats placed on them. This is a great way of decorating the table in a minimalistic fashion even for an otherwise pompous occasion.


Party Table Decor with Mirror Centerpiece

Mirror centerpiece for table decor

A great combination to place on a round mirror plate would be flowing orchids with frosted martini glasses. This also allows you to decorate tables with trailing flowers that are eye catching and elegant yet allow conversations to flow without any hindrances in the middle of the table.


 Holiday Themed Table Decor

mirror centerpieces for event decor

The great thing about round mirror centerpieces is they go so well with any decor for almost any occasion. Celebrating Halloween? No problem! Lay out your pumpkin carvings and spooky candles over your round mirror centerpiece.
If it’s Easter, you can always display some pastel Easter eggs to add a pretty and quaint look. No matter the occasion, a round mirror centerpiece is the answer to all your table decor problems.


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