Trending Ideas to Use Space Beneath Stairs

A smart interior designing is not just to make a wider space well organized but it also about to manage small space in quite appealing and useful manner. Space beneath stairs, is the one among neglected extra spaces into the home which needs your attention. Fab Glass and Mirror has special ideas to introduce this corner in a trending way.

 1.Glamorous vanity area

glamours vanity areaCool Wall Mirrors for Vanity

Manage an extra space to introduce some glamour underneath the stairs. You just have to install a wall mirror and set-up a small sitting; here’s a convenient and easy-to-access vanity area all time ready for you.


 2.Make a hidden closet

hidden closet

Another cool and useful way to manage extra space is to create a hidden closet under the stairs. Thus, the space will serve on regular basis and without showing anything outside.

3. Mess holding drawers

Mess holding drawers

Similarly, drawers can also take place under stairs and hide the mess of extra accessories. Such as towels and shoes are those particular reasons to disturb the neatness of your home most of the time. So, the drawers facilitate, just to pick and put items instantly.


4.Reflect the space beneath stairs into shelves


Shelves under stairs Bring utility under stairs

Look at this unique shelf display design! You may create an entire gallery into the space under stairs by installing custom cut glass shelves in attachment format with every few steps. They will hold accessories, as well as mirror the stairs which looks stunning.

 5.Build a special sitting

under stairs sitting area

What about a tiny but amusing sitting set-up! This stylish sitting management can utilize the space and make the boring stairs portion the most interesting part of your interior.

To make your living convenient and trending, Fab Glass and Mirror introduces easy and affordable tips. You may also visit our stylish products to utilize the space under your stairs which can be customized according to your space requirement.


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