5 Awesome Ways to Update Kitchen with Custom Cut Glass

Remodeling your kitchen not only provides a comfortable, convenient, good looking place to cook, eat and spend time with family and friends but also increases your home’s value. What is more, you don’t have to spend lots of money on renovations in order to reach your remodeling goals. Following are five effective ways to improve your kitchen using affordable yet high quality custom cut glass.

 Glass Backsplash Vs Hard Tiles

glass backsplash for kitchen

Fab Glass and Mirror offers you a great option to enhance beauty of your walls by using  Glass Backsplash. That is sure to add enrich effect of decor in kitchen. Glass backsplashes are popular with homeowners in the United States and abroad as they are easy to maintain and give a kitchen a clean, bright appearance. Backsplashes can be purchased in any shape and hue to suit your kitchen’s specific needs; alternatively, you can opt for clear glass if you are aiming to create a kitchen with a minimalist style of decor.

Add Storage with Style

Kitchen glass shelves

Photo by Kitchen Design Ideas org

custom cut glass shelves

Glass shelves can be used for food containers, spices, cooking accessories and more. They are particularly ideal for small kitchens that don’t have a lot of floor space but look good in just about any home. These can be purchased ready-made or custom-made to suit your exact needs and budget.

A Fresh Look in Your Dining Area

glass backsplash for kitchen

You can use glass table top replacements to adapt an existing table or even create your own table using a reclaimed wood or metal frame. Glass table top replacements are available with either back painted glass or clear glass to suit the needs of any contemporary or traditional home environment.

Create An Accent Wall with Custom Cut Glass

kitchen instruction board

Replace dull boring look of kitchen with adding some colorful yet practical elements. A glass wall board for writing recipes, instructions and/or important notes is a must-have feature in any modern kitchen. These walls are durable, easy to clean and extremely convenient. They are also easy to install over existing tile or cement walls. Or choose a bright color to create a vibrant atmosphere or put in a custom cut back Painted Glass with a pastel backing for a calm ambiance.

Smart Breakfast Tables

Kitchen glass table

The wonderful thing about small glass tabletops is that they can be used in either a traditional or modern home atmosphere. A glass table top over a barrel of wine, for instance, is sure to look classy in any old-fashioned home. While considering a custom cut glass on a metal frame is likely to be the ideal option for a contemporary dining room or kitchen. Fab Glass and Mirror offers custom table tops in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles to suit your exact needs.

These all are quite simple and budget friendly choices to update kitchen and dining areas, with custom cut glass to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Glass is one of the best options for these areas as it is water-resistant, easy to clean, durable and classy, making it a great addition to any home.

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