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How To Select The Right Salt Lamp For Your Home Or Office Interior

When picking out Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps the size of the area where air will be treated should be taken into consideration. Smaller rooms will not require a large lamp, while bigger spaces will fare well with a more powerful unit. The salt lamp style selected is a matter of personal prefer See more

Some Spring Décor And Interior Trends of 2018

Spring is a perfect time to start rethinking some of your home décor ideas. And there is no better place to start than out on the patio. If more sunshine and longer days have you longing to get outside and enjoy your outdoor living area, here are a few spring décor 2018 ideas to keep in mind. H See more

5 Good Reasons to Stock Up on Rock Salt Lamps

Rock salt lamps add a natural, ambient light source to any room, but decorative salt lamps aren’t just for show. They have practical purposes too, and you may reap some rewards from placing them throughout your house. In fact, the same natural elements that make rock Salt Lamps so beautifu See more

Are The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps Real Or An Assumption?

Many people purchase decorative salt lamps because of the beneficial properties they have heard are retained when using these units. Do Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps live up to the hype, however? Here are some of the amenities these unique yet stylish Himalayan Salt Lamps provide to those who h See more

Why Transition from Whiteboards to Magnetic Glass Boards is Great

Switching  from traditional white boards and glass panels to latest magnetic glass boards is all about  getting into the transition of modern and durable interior approach. Magnetic glass erazer board is an advance type of glass which is been used on domestic and commercial levels by interior d See more

How To Create a Perfect Home Gym- It’s Easier Than You Think

A healthy lifestyle includes watching what you eat, adding fitness into your schedule and balancing your family and career. This balancing act might be the most difficult because after a long day at work, heading to the gym isn’t at the top of the priority list. But, if the gym was right in See more

7 Ways to Make Small Apartment Feel Bigger Home Interior

Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home, and a cluttered, small apartment can feel more stifling than relaxing, especially if you’re sharing it with your loved one, family members, and pets. These relatively cheap and easy “home” improvement tricks can make See more