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Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Space with Wall Mirror

Decorating with mirrors is one of the best adornment tricks, since they give an illusion of spaciousness in small spaces, increase the illumination and adorn the house, all with a relatively low budget, because, with some creativity and imagination, there are countless options available to decora See more

5 Attractive Sitting Area Stylings by Using Outdoor Glass

Do you love spending time outdoors? Do you love looking at the birds swinging around and soaking up the sunlight? Then you will probably love these 5 attractive outdoor sitting area stylings, designed super handy while using elegant outdoor glass. Glass has always added to the royalty of any sett See more

5 Amazing Glass Sheet Ideas To Makeover The Workplace

One of the things that separate modern workplaces from the old days is the enormous use of glass. Glass sheets for windows, doors, for tables and cabinets, you can see them everywhere. It’s something that has been in style for decades and doesn’t look like its going out of it anytime See more

5 Convenient Glass and Mirror Furniture Options for New Home Makeovers

Planning a home makeover? Glass and mirror furniture and decor is perfect for an elegant home that wants to let off an increased sense of space of grace. Glass has always been a popular decor material in furniture and is as popular as wood. It can be used in a wide array of modern designs and bri See more

Unique Shower Door Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home to make more space, you will probably have the bathroom jotted down on the list as well. There are several small bathroom ideas floating around on the internet. But did you know that researching into shower door ideas and bathroom shower design ideas c See more

10 Creative Wall Glass Shelves Installing Ideas

 Wall-mounted shelves are quite easy to build and install. They also make remodeling easy as they are incredibly versatile and can be worked on from different points of view. Wall Glass shelves especially bring elegance to the decor and can also be installed in almost any part of the house. Ther See more

Minimalist Bathroom Updates Idea before Selling Your Home

Glass shelves Refurbishing or remodeling your home is one of the best ways to add value and increase the price tag for your property. And among the areas that need to be renovated is the bathroom, which is one area that can easily undergo wear and tear. Using a minimalist design for your bathroom See more