1. Glass & Mirror Cleaner Foam

    Glass & Mirror Cleaner Foam

    Glass Cleaner, a long time favorite of our customers, is a low ammoniated glass cleaner that is packaged in the traditional easy-to-handle Net weight Net: 19 OZ. ( 1Lb. 3 Oz.) 539 grams can, This Glass cleaner has effective cleaning agents that leave glass sparkling clean. It also has a pleasant aroma, so you can use it indoors and out with equal effectiveness.

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  2. Mirror Cleaner and Polish
    - Makes Mirrors and Glass Sparkle - Strong Foaming Action - Ammonia-Free Formula Won't Harm Mirrors

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  3. Sparkle Cleaner and Stain Remover
    - Cleans Light Water Stains from Glass - Removes Soap Scum from Shower Doors - Use on Auto Glass for Water Spots

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You have bought a perfect Glass Table Top or a Custom Cut Mirror but you need one thing for sure. You have to keep these glass table tops and glass shelves or mirrors all clean. It is not an easy job to wipe out the tempered glass with just a wet piece of cloth. You need the Glass Cleaners that Fab Glass and Mirror is offering for your convenience. So we have made Glass Mirror cleaning all that easy for you.

You can order our glass cleaning sprat and sprinkle it over the glass table top or the glass mirror. Then leave it for some time and wipe with soft piece of cloth. You will see so many things around and there is no such thing as like having a picture perfect glass item around, and you will make it all happen with greater ease if you order our special glass cleaning products as well.



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Good product
By Nicholas    Feb 17, 2016
This product for cleaning glass really great. I have just bought this glass cleaning foam and i must say that it made really convenient to clean the glass so easily. In my case i was able to remove even stubborn stains of rust on my glass . The rust stains which were on glass around its edges were looking too bad and i was not able to remove them with any other thing. This product easily removed those stains too in no time