Contemporary Wall TV Stand Ideas for Modern Livingroom

With the transforming eras, technology has experienced most of the variations in every decade. If we specifically talk about the televisions, they’ve also been entirely changed regarding their technology and designs. Now the LCDs and LEDs-wall fixture TVs are not just convenient in their use but also they look more stylish. Fab Glass and Mirror is throwing a light on some contemporary ideas of wall TV stand to make it promising aspect of your interior design.

 1.Glass Shelf Stand

To highly consider the significance of multi-tasking accessories, we’ve suggested this latest option for wall TV stand. A glass shelf is a perfect item to hold your LED/LCD with stand and extra accessories including speakers or home theater system. The whole set appears quite unique and appealing.

glass shelf stands


  2.Wall TV Unit

Alike the concept of glass shelves, wall TV unit is quite practical with TV stand. It works as a wall storage that feels artistic and holds the items in a library style. It’s one of the most practical ways to be used in small rooms precisely.


glass shelves


3.Studio-vision Architecture TV Stand

A tremendous way to create a media room, that’s impartially, gives a feel of a wider space by installing wall TV. This freestanding wall TV is not just distinctive in its structure but also been considered fashionable to separate a collective area of kitchen and living room.




  4.Wall Panels

If you want to neatly fix a TV screen without any additional highlighting effect on wall, then go for usual panel fixing option. It simply installs TV onto the wall which looks elegant.

Wall Panels


 5. Movable Holding Stand

Although, it’s contrary to wall stand but regarding the use, many movable glass TV trolley stands are also in trend which look smarter and can be easily placed the TV in required area.


For adopting one of the most unique and reliable way to make your own wall TV stand, order a glass shelf by Fab Glass and Mirror. You’re most welcome to choose a custom cut size and edges to get desired shelf stand in a single piece.


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