Patio Glass Table Top

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Highlight your deck and patio furniture with easy-to-clean protective glass table tops. Glass will preserve the finish of your table, protecting it from weather damage and keeping it clean and beautiful. You can order custom-cut glass in any size or shape to match your table dimensions. Choose from round, rectangular, square and oval shapes, clear or colored glass and in any size you need. For more durability, order your custom table top in tempered glass.

Use a glass top to sit on a metal or wood table base

  • Our precise measurements will give you the dimensions and thickness that you need.
  • Ask for our expert advice if you are not sure what to order
  • Tempered glass is long-lasting and durable for long-term use and safety.
  • Edges can be beveled or polished for a smooth, rounded finish.
  • While clear glass is commonly used, you can also order colored glass or mirrored glass.
  • For patio tables with an umbrella, ask for a hole to be cut in the center.

Cover existing furniture, desks and tables with glass for protection.

  • Clear glass is the best choice unless you want to cover the existing surface completely.
  • Tempered glass is a better choice but not required for surface protection.
  • Exposed edges of the glass can be polished or beveled for safety and style.

Inlay a glass table top into a metal or wooden frame setting.

  • Depending on size and usage, thickness will vary. Ask us for the best size.
  • Measurements must be precise to ensure proper fit. We can help you determine how to measure.
  • Tempered glass is the best bet for a secure and safe embedded table top. It will resist nicks or scratches.
  • A flat polished edge fits the best inside a table frame.
  • Use clear, frosted or colored glass for your table top.

Glass can be used for indoor and outdoor tables.

Glass table tops are not restricted to small outdoor patio tables. Glass can be used for both small interior tables and large dining room tables. If your existing glass table top gets nicked, damaged or broken, we can replace it for you with the measurements of your original top. Call us or email us with any questions to help you place your order.