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Brushed Nickel and Brass Clips for Mirrors

Mirror Clips are very much essential for all types of glass mirrors that you order from Fab Glass and Mirror. You need proper mirror clips to fix up the expensive mirror items on wall. Whether it is hallway or your bathroom you need mirror clips. Here we have different sets of a clip that are durable, water resistant and suit your aesthetics.

You can order the chrome mirror clips or the bronze or brass rounded clips. It is not an easy task to be part of what is really going to be your stepping stone, and how to boost the decorative elements along with durability and safe fixation on the walls like the wall mirrors. You can ask for clear mirror clips or the nickel plate j-mirror clips as well.  

We also provide Beveled Mirror Clips with all accessories like the nails, push buttons and the other accessories as well. We are determined to be all part of your home décor partners with best byproducts that are necessary to support Glass Mirrors, and to fill in your appetite for great aesthesis as well.