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Custom Cut Pattern Glass

Personalize your home in a way that goes beyond picking your drapes or wall color by choosing a custom tinted glass pattern for your windows and other glass fixtures. Select from variations on classic patterns, such as window rain glass texture and the modern appeal of reeded glass, or bring your ideas to life with the help of our skilled craftsman. The only limit is your imagination, so let your renovation run wild!
To place a custom tinted glass order, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-474-2221. We’re more than happy to create a unique pattern for your space!

Types of Pattern Glass

Patterned glass panels provide a unique variety of glass designs which helps to add visual interest to any building design. Utilizing different levels of opacity of glass patterns can create exclusively intimate spaces for offices, hospitals, residences, and other settings by combining standard textures and design features. Other than adding beauty to any interior space, they also perform for shower enclosure shield, sound control, light resistor, scratch resistance, and privacy or security purposes.

Pattern 62 Glass

The subtle bends of Pattern 62 glass offer a balanced mixture of obscurity and visibility that has made it an enduring staple in interior design using obscure glass patterns.

Aquatex Obscure Glass

The bubbly and vibrant pattern of Aquatex Obscure glass, spots light as it passes through it and leaving you feeling the comfortable embrace of privacy and enough light.

Spraylite Textured Glass

Spray-lite textured glass brings a high level of obscurity with a minimally visible pattern of ripples, making it an excellent choice for designers looking with reserved of maximum in privacy.

Gluechip Patterned Glass

Embrace the creeping chill of glue chip patterned glass. Each panel of this exquisite pattern is as unique as a snowflake in a winter storm, but you won't have to worry about your window cracking to enjoy their beauty.

Matte Glass

Matte glass is one of the many obscure glass designs that we have available. When you want to be absolutely scant amount of light, select a matte glass pattern.

Seedy Glass

Scattered bubbles inside of seeded glass windows take the edge off of incoming light while letting most of it passes unhindered. Use it for sun-facing windows where you don't want to block too much of the warm glow.

Reeded Glass

The sleek and sophisticated lines of reeded glass are perfect for doors and windows in office buildings and other crowded locations to keep the rooms from feeling stuffy and confined while preserving a private workspace.

Rain Texture Glass

The dripping trails of rain texture glass give the illusion of lingering moisture from an afternoon shower. You can use the pattern in a rain glass bathroom or in exterior windows.

Spraylite Textured Glass

Spraylite Textured Glass

Rain Texture Glass

Rain Texture Glass

Pattern Glass A New Trend in Modern Interior

Homeowners are evolving beyond the use of traditional glass in their home decoration. Decorative glass has become more readily available, and the number of patterns from which to choose has dramatically increased. Seeing a matte glass shower wall was not entirely uncommon, but now homeowners are expressing themselves with textured glass showing up in exterior windows, glass doorways, tabletops, and wherever they feel. The versatile range of opacities and colors available from modern glass techniques will bring something special to any home. Expect to see architects, interior designers, and homeowners continue to advance the trend with new uses for the versatile material - unless you get there before them!

Pattern Glass A New Trend in Modern Interior

Uses of Pattern Glass

For the pragmatic homeowner, the beauty and allure of patterned glass panels aren't enough on its own to convince them to invest a part of their renovation budget on the material, even if the common usage in bathroom showers and windows for both privacy and appearance should speak to its merits. Because of the treatment that many types of textured glass receive, they are exceptionally well-suited for use in exterior windows or outdoor furniture such as a patio table, potentially lasting longer than the metal portions of the furniture. Careful selection of your windows pattern can also be a way to control light levels to minimize the need for artificial lighting. Wherever you need both a measure of seclusion and a way for light to enter, a textured glass pattern will be your friend.
Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-474-2221. We’ll be happy to assist you. Thanks for choosing Fab Glass as your one-stop shop for patterned and obscure glass designs!

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