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Laminated Glass

When you are shopping for new laminated glass for a new project, door, or even for your car window shield, comparing various types of laminated glass is highly recommended to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Knowing the sizes, shapes, and colors available with laminated glass is essential before making an investment or purchase in the glass that is right for you.

Laminated Glass is UV Resistant

Laminated glass provides a strong filter against unwanted solar radiation. UV rays can fade the paint on your walls and the fabric of your furnishings. Fab Glass and Mirror laminated glass resists more than 99% of UV rays.

Laminated Glass Benefits

Laminated glass differs from tempered glass in many ways. Display cases, front door glass, and even windshields often use laminated glass. With laminate glass, there are two layers essentially "sandwiched" together to create a more sturdy object that is less likely to break upon impact or when dropping it.

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There are many shapes laminated glass come in, such as: round, oval, rectangular, sloped, oval, house-shaped, arched, and even pentagon shapes. Once you have decided on a shape that is right for you, it is then possible to compare sizes or inquire about custom shapes of glass, especially when you are shopping right from home, online. In addition to comparing sizes and shapes of laminated glass, you also have the ability to select from a wide range of colors to match a theme in any room of your home.

Laminated Glass Backsplash

Difference between Laminated glass and Tempered glass

Laminated Glass Layers
Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass Edges

Laminated Glass Usage In Daily Life (Home and Office)

Any time you purchase laminated glass, consider the project you want to complete. Adding laminated glass to wooden projects, new door frames, or even if you are building a table for your living room is an ideal choice. Laminated glass is recommended for most home DIY projects regardless of the size of glass you require!

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Benefits of Purchasing Laminated Glass Online

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing laminated glass online is the ability to compare a wide selection of sizes of glass along with shapes. Compare pricing, colors, and the thickness of laminated glass you are interested in to avoid shopping locally where you may be limited with the options they have available.