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Glass table top hardware protects your furniture and keeps it looking like new. Soft corner cushions keep kids safe around tables with corners, and the variety of colors allows you to match these glass table top accessories to your existing furniture. Glass cleaner and plastic desk buttons keep your glass furniture tops looking their best all year long. Shelf brackets offer the same type of protection for your glass shelves that glass table top hardware does for your other furniture. Make sure that you use the right protective accessories to keep all of your glass surfaces clean, safe, and free from damage.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Good but definitely visible
By Daniel     Mar 3, 2016
I like them as the keep the glass slightly elevated off the wood top of my table. My only complaint is that they are not quite as invisible as they were advertised. They aren't ugly, but they are noticeable.
very good company
By Angela    Feb 17, 2016
This is really a great company because of its quality products and services. The prices are also very reason able. For example this clear mirror clip are available on the internet for $5 or more. This is the only place where the price is so low. Thanks to fab glass
Good mirror clips
By Renee White    Feb 17, 2016
These mirror clips are really great and easy to install. I am not a pro in home improvement related things but few days ago i needed to install a mirror in my bathroom as the old mirror was broken. I decided to do it my self so i purchased a set of these clips and a mirror piece. I was amazed that how easy that was to install the mirror panel on my bathroom wall with the help of these chrome mirror clips
Clear plastic buttons
By Ted    Feb 17, 2016
These Clear plastic desk buttons are great to save your glass tops. Usually glass table tops are heavy and when you place them on table, they can harm the paint or material of table basement. These buttons has made really easy for me to remove and keep the glass so easily.
Peacock shelf bracket
By Patty     Feb 17, 2016
This peacock shelf is great product to make a good looking glass shelf at home without hiring any home interior company. Recently i have created a shelf for my room too. I just purchased 2 sets of peacock shelf brackets with a glass panels, and installed them with the help of general purpose drill machine and few other usual hardware.
A+++ service
By Earline    Feb 17, 2016
I must give A+++ rating to the service of this company. They are very professional and convenient for you if you buy any items from them. The sales representatives always helped me though out the order processing time. Recently i bought a dozen sets of round glass shelf clamps for interior deco project of a home and i was needed it so quickly because the home owner wanted me to finish the project asap. I ordered these clamps and the overnight delivery was reached to me in next business day morning
Great service
By Timothy    Feb 17, 2016
I am a customer of fab glass and i have done lots of purchases from big items to small items, and from expensive to cheap and i always got great service. today i bought two sets of two bracket glass shelf clamps. The amount i paid was too small but i must appreciate as this company processed my order just like any expensive item. This is really the company which don't differenciate between expensive orders and cheap orders and high payer customers and low payer customers
Easy aluminium shelf bracket
By Richard    Feb 17, 2016
These aluminium brackets are really great and very cheap product if you need a glass shelf in your room. Few days ago i got a fantastic idea about installing a glass shelf on my room wall adjacent to the door. i just purchased a rectangular panel of glass and bought a set of aluminium glass brackets and just installed it just as i thought. The shelf was preaired by me in less than two hours and the total cost i spent on a whole big shelf was just $50.
Good product
By Nicholas    Feb 17, 2016
This product for cleaning glass really great. I have just bought this glass cleaning foam and i must say that it made really convenient to clean the glass so easily. In my case i was able to remove even stubborn stains of rust on my glass . The rust stains which were on glass around its edges were looking too bad and i was not able to remove them with any other thing. This product easily removed those stains too in no time