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Clear Plastic Rubber Button and bumpers

for Glass Table tops

So you have a great glass table top with perfect decorative elements. But you know that the fragility with glass objects will remain an issue. These glass table tops will be adhered to get scratches and even hairline breakage due to mishandling. Here at Fab Glass and Mirror, we have some perfect pieces for you like the Plastic Bumpers that you can place on it for keeping heaving and scratch able items.

 You can buy cheap and Clear Plastic Desk Buttons to keep it all neat and clean. Then it would be far easier for you to keep different objects on Glass Table Tops without having a fear of damaging and expensive piece of item. Here you can also go for Clear Plastic Bumpers that are adhesive and you can make a very good placement of all heavy weight things. It will save the glass table surfaces from spilled water, tea and other items as well.

Jut order for these plastic bumpers that are adhesive or for the clear plastic buttons to safeguard the valuable furniture items. Buying a glass table top every second day is not economical and you can use these protective accessories to have a fine look of what is coming in your way.