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Rubber Bumpers

Where glass tables add to the beauty of your space’s interior, they are always at the risk of crack because of their sliding nature. To keep the glass table top secure, small table bumpers may be a choice because they support to hold the transparent illusion of your tabletop along with protection of its fragile glass surface.

Selection of Tabletop Rubber Bumpers

When you visit a store or search online, you will find various types of rubber bumpers to use for your tabletops. You may also find bumpers in different colors and sizes. Depending on the design, size, and shape of your glass tabletop, you have to find appropriate bumpers. To avoid confusion, keep these things in mind before making a selection for self-adhesive rubber pads.

Clear or colored

Most glass table bumpers are clear, ensuring seamless appearance when used for crystal clear glass tabletops. However, you may go for colored bumpers depending on your tabletop finish and style.

Clear or colored<

Size and thickness

Bumpers come in different sizes and shapes. To buy the one, ensure the size and thickness of your tabletop or desk. Round clear bumper pads are preferred by most people because they provide great support to prevent the top from sliding.

Size and thickness


Though glass table top bumpers are economical, ensuring their quality is necessary to avoid cracking and rust. Make sure, the bumper is scratch-resistance, resilient to stains and skidding, and has easy peel-off application. Also, make sure, they are easy to remove or move when necessary.


Are you looking for high-quality yet economical non slip plastic bumpers for your glass table top? Fab Glass and Mirror has a wide collection of clear rubber pumpers for glass tables, ensuring great supports and resistance to stains, marring and skidding.

How to Keep Glass Table Top from Sliding

Glass table top bumpers or pads keep your table from sliding by holding it in a frame at a specific point. Adding a small bumper to your glass table top is a quick and easy job that you can do at home.

Step : 1

Carefully lift the glass table top off its base and keep it against a wall or a safer place to avoid scratching and cracking.

Step : 2

Take a soft cloth and pour some vinegar over it to wipe down the base of the table. Remove all the dust and grime from base ...(view more)

Step : 3

Now take the rubber bumper and peel back paper off it. Stick a bumper to the glass on the surface where it will rest on the base. ...(view more)

Step : 4

Now flip the tabletop, right-side up, and place it over the base aligning the bumpers with the top of the base.