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Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless wall mirrors add color to your guest room or family gathering spaces. The designs are exotic, and classy as well. These durable wall hangings are available in many styles: Octagon Mirrors, Arch Wall Mirrors, and Wavy Wall Mirrors. Fab Glass and Mirror can even custom fabricate a mirror to your exact specifications!

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors are a cost effective way to add pizzazz to any room. Whether you are updating the main hallway in your house, or looking to redesign the entire bathroom. A stylish wall mirror is a great way to create a special focal point. Decorative mirrors can help you get that “special look” on any budget!

LED Wall Mirrors

Looking for a new way to spruce up a bathroom in your home? Consider adding an LED lighted wall mirror from Fab Glass and Mirror! Installing a wall mounted LED mirror is easy! LED mirrors provide lighting in a unique and modern way. There are various shapes of LED mirrors available, ranging from traditional rectangles to ovals and rounded squares. LED lights are a more efficient source of illumination than traditional light bulbs. LED lights provide ample visibility for trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Activity Mirror Gym & Dance

Fab Glass and Mirror specializes in high-quality wall mirrors used in gyms, yoga studios, and dance centers. Our website offers an amazing selection of various sized wall mirrors. These mirrors come in different widths, shapes, and edge finishes. We offer beveled, flat polished, and oval polished edges. Fab Glass mirrors are polished and cut by experienced professionals with advanced glass cutting equipment.

Custom Mirrors

A mirror can be custom-cut to a specific size or shape. This helps in decorating a room in a manner that shows off the surroundings while covering drab walls in a refreshing way. Custom mirrors are unique additions that will be sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees them. A mirror can be cut in any shape to match a room's theme or to cover areas where decor is not presently used. When getting started in the designing of a custom mirror, knowing the specific measurements will be necessary. A diagram of the desired mirror shape can also be sent to the company to ensure the end result is a perfect match to a customer's needs. In addition to the design, a bevel or flat edging and the thickness will need to be selected.

Wall Mirrors are Great Decorative Element For Modern Interior

The addition of a wall mirror is a great way to decorate any room in a home, office, school, or workshop. Wall mirrors subtly add the appearance of extra space, helping small areas look more expensive depending on the positioning of these wall decorations. Mirrors are conversation pieces that add an aura of hominess to any space, while reflecting light in the process. Improve the aesthetics of any room with a strategically placed wall mirror in the desired size, shape, and glass thickness. Wall mirrors can be custom made in any shape or style, instantly giving a room added appeal. Framed or unframed mirrors can be matched to existing wall decorations. Wall mirrors are inexpensive tools that dress up empty space in a pleasing manner. Measure the area where a mirror is to be positioned and get started in selecting the size and shape glass mirror to cover a wall easily.

Consider adding a full length mirror in a bedroom or bathroom where people often get dressed. A full length wall mirror will not only allow you to view your entire image in the reflective glass, but will also show off your surroundings of the vanity. These large wall mirrors work well in small spaces, helping to make a tight area feel less cramped. When selecting a huge mirror, it is important to take accurate measurements of the wall space where it will be installed. The surrounding furniture and wall decor should also be taken into consideration to ensure large mirrors offset these items without crowding their space. The proper positioning will give onlookers a useful tool while improving the aesthetics of a room. A large wall mirror can be cut in any shape or size and the thickness of the glass can be selected as well.

A Mirror Is A Budget-Friendly Addition To Your Interior

When there is a desire to remodel, the addition of a wall mirror is a spectacular way to accomplish this task. Wall mirrors are relatively inexpensive, making them great options in refreshing the interior without spending a lot of cash to do so. These interior decorating tools require little work to install, making them a wonderful option when money is a concern as there will be no need to hire help to hang them. The hardware needed for a mirror to be hung will be sent with the glass piece, making it a breeze to install it quickly and correctly. Instructions will also be provided regarding the placement of mirror clips for the maximum in stability.

A large wall mirrors can give your room an instant splash of luxury at a minimum cost. These decorative items can be hung around a home to help in giving rooms the appearance of addition space. Light up mirrors, custom-cut glass, or intricate glass patterned mirrors are all options that will give a room an exquisite appearance without the need for a large bill to pay to obtain this look. When making a mirror selection, pricing is visibly displayed on the right of the screen, making it easy to see how much additional options would cost as the design process is being conducted. This will help to keep you on budget while creating a masterpiece to display in your home.

A Mirror Is A Budget-Friendly Addition To Your Interior