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Beautiful and Elegant Larege Wall Mirrors

Fab Glass and Mirror is determined to serve its clients with most elegant and durable pieces of wall mirrors. Here you can find the great looking Frameless Wall Mirrors that are made with smooth surface and fine polish. You see wall mirrors have been a reality of common life as you have to get up every day for your job or business. You need to brush your teeth, perform shaving and ladies can go for makeup. The livingrooms Wall Mirrors need to show you all dressed up in a fine manner. The reflection of your personality must be clear and it is made possible by best quality Farmed or Frameless Wall Mirrors by Fab Glass and Mirror.  You may find in our online mirrors store Frameless Wall Mirror, Buy Full Length Living Room Wall Mirror and Cheap Large Mirrors for Sale

The Size of Large Wall Mirror Matters a Lot

You want to have a frameless beveled mirror for livingrooms, then it must be of a size that displays the proper image of you while giving final touches. Women can sit around and have a proper makeup and hair do as well. The bedroom mirrors could be all large sized, smaller versions or some custom cut, depending on the size of bedroom. How much time you consume in taking care of your facial makeover in a beautiful bedroom mirror! You can use the best wall mirrors that are made with perfection and fits into the corner or at place where you adjust it.


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Renovate Your Interiors with Best Frameless Wall Mirrors

Finest Types of Large Wall Mirrors

Fab Glass and Mirror does not produce wall mirrors at random basis. But here you find all sorts of wall mirrors with perfect attunement with the place, and the kind of activity that is associated with it. If you need to display it in your private exercise room or buying it for a gym then it must be large sized wall mirror. Activity or Gym Mirrors are produced with the concept that exercising persons can watch their actions and how to improve their health. Here you can also find the best designs and variant sizes of bathroom mirrors for convenience. Custom Cut Mirrors have been a unique presentation that helps our clients to order for their perfect sizes, shapes and designs for frames or frameless wall mirrors.

Wall Mirrors Add Aristocratic Touch to Every Corner

If your place has perfect sized fireplace mirrors then you are able to observe the magical flames and reflection of smoke all around. The centerpiece mirrors at a table can add a wider and charismatic affect if properly displayed with best decoration pieces. You know all these large sized Vanity Mirrors or the Foyer Mirrors always attract all visitors. Instead of displaying several wall hangings go with a best quality frameless frameless beveled mirror, and you will see the charismatic affect with your own eyes. Most of the question asked by the customers, where can I buy large wall mirrors for living room online or the best online mirrors store to buy large wall mirrors? So here is the answer, you can buy or online order large wall mirrors from fab glass manufacturers and all types of mirrors wholesale dealer in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Here you can buy the high good quality large wall mirrors that would be very on reasonable and cheapest rates.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Nice style and quality mirror
By MD    Mar 7, 2017
This is a very solid, nice quality mirror that we expect will last a long time. The hanging hardware and instructions were great, so there were no problems with installation. Love the look in our updated bathroom... Very happy with the purchase.
By Κανεις    Mar 7, 2017
Xclnt-No complaints whatsoever
Very happy
By Rick    Feb 18, 2017
Was skeptical about order from a company I had no info on but decided to take a chance. Delivery was prompt. Mirror was well packed to prevent breakage. Very happy with quality of mirror. Need small mirror for basement bathroom. Very happy overall!
Would recommend all day and all night.
By Cathy    Feb 7, 2017
Just as it sounds: a big, nice mirror. Nothing fancy, but sturdily built. We didn't use the JBar, as we mounted it with unfinished wood (to match the other large mirror in the room). Would recommend all day and all night.
Thumbs up.
By Kelly B    Feb 7, 2017
Mirror arrived safely packed. Uncrated in garage and moved upstairs in cardboard. Condition was excellent. Video instructions (youtube) were helpful. Got it on the wall and seems secure so far. Thumbs up.
They are very nice.
By A Frank    Feb 7, 2017
ts not fancy but very good quality real mirror. We didn't use the mirror glue because we didn't want it to destroy our wood wall, so we had to use the j-bar. We didn't think that it wouldn't hold on only one j-bar so we asked if we can get another j-bar. When they said that they will give the j-bar for free I was surprised. They are very nice.
Looks amazing
By Knight L    Feb 6, 2017
Excellent Set of Gym mirrors we bought for our Basement. Works like a charm
Nice and clean. Great value.
By Haitao    Jan 27, 2017
I love this frameless wall mirror. It is the exact style I am looking for. Looks great along with my new vanity. Easy enough to install by yourself.
I would order from here again!
By Nan    Dec 31, 2016
Beautiful, sturdy bathroom mirror

Frameless Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors extend the size of your room through reflective lighting. Whether you choose several small mirrors or one full-sized wall mirror, you can highlight a poorly lit area and create the illusion of space. Turn your home into a showplace with affordable custom-cut mirrors from Fab Glass and Mirror.

wall mirrors

Vanity & Bathroom Mirrors

vanity & bathroom

With our unique, custom bathroom and vanity mirrors, your bathroom will be a luxurious and relaxing space to escape the daily grind. Fab Glass and Mirror will cut mirrors to your specifications and modify them with specialized frosting and beveling.

The addition of a wall or vanity mirror to your bathroom will bring in maximum light to help you look your best every day and for special occasions.

Gym Mirrors

When you are working out in your gym, it is important to see each exercise clearly to correct mistakes in posture and execution. Fab Glass and Mirror will cut the precise size and shape mirror for your studio to offer a clear reflection. Whether you use the gym for calisthenics, ballet, yoga, karate or iaido, you can practice alone or with a group easily with a custom-cut mirror installed. If you need help determining the shape and size of the wall mirror, our experts can help you figure out the exact measurements.


Fireplace mirrors


Whether your fireplace is decorative or functional, a mirror will accentuate its warmth and style. Fab Glass and Mirror will custom cut a mirror to fit perfectly into the space above your mantel. Our high-quality beveled-edge mirrors will reflect your home decor for a professionally-decorated look.

Foyer Mirrors

When guests arrive, they will appreciate a custom mirror hanging in your foyer to repair the ravages from wind and weather. The easy-to-install mirror will expand the entryway into your home for a glamorous feel. At Fab Glass and Mirror, we will polish or bevel the edges in your preferred style and provide you with the hardware for the right fit.

Foyer Mirrors

Bedroom Mirrors

Bedroom Mirrors

Your bedroom provides a comfortable retreat from your day in an expression of your style. To add function to your bedroom, install a floor-length wall mirror to ensure that your wardrobe remains in flawless fashion.

Fab Glass and Mirror will offer professional advice to provide you with a custom mirror cut the exact size and shape you need for your personal space. Install the mirror on your closet door, bedroom wall or dressing room for easy access.