10 Creative Wall Glass Shelves Installing Ideas

 Wall-mounted shelves are quite easy to build and install. They also make remodeling easy as they are incredibly versatile and can be worked on from different points of view. Wall Glass shelves especially bring elegance to the decor and can also be installed in almost any part of the house.

There’s always a way to get the most out of your wall-mounted glass shelves. Storage should be the primary function but you can also display decorations or other collections of your choice. It’s a great way of complimenting an otherwise blank wall.

1- Floating Glass Shelves  

corner glass shelves

This is a clever way to have maximum storage space. The corner glass shelves can be customized to fit almost any location. They can be wall hung or even floor based. Corner glass shelves are a great way to display or store items.

2- Top hung glass shelves

These types of shelves are mostly used in store rooms or classrooms to store or display specific items like magazines, books or stationary items. This type of metal will incorporate a metal section that is mounted to the wall from which the shelf can be hung.

Note that these types of glass shelves aren’t recommended for walls that are lightweight.

3- Wall glass shelves for new edgy look

Rectangle glass shelf

Rectangle glass shelves are apt for a home or an office. They offer a more stylish yet functional use for storing items. They have unique designs that give them the appearance of floating.
These have sturdy brackets that will keep them floating in the right place. These types of glass shelves can be customized to fit any space or theme and you will find an array of colors to choose from to suit your home decor. They are mainly used to display decorative items, books or trophies.

4- Bring Style in your Space

0081794002266_AV1Stylish bent glass shelves The stylish bent glass shelf is perfect to use in the washroom or in any other location where you’re looking for an extra hint of flair with functionality. The glass shelf has a raised area to give the appearance of a bent slope. This is definitely a great piece to add in your home.

5- Fixed Bracket glass shelves

Glass shelves with bracket

These shelves have individual brackets that you can use as a stand-alone shelving system or you can add additional brackets to form a type of multi-unit system. It is also known as suspension shelving.

6- Built-in glass shelves

Built in glass shelves

These shelves come with a simple system wherein they are fit into the corners or empty spaces of a home. A single plank place horizontally over a wall opening is one way of placing the built in shelf in a house. These can be installed above or below any wall cabinets or even beside a fireplace!

7- Floating glass shelves

Built in wall glass shelves

This is a phenomenal way to display your decor items. These shelves appear to float over the walls. They look amazing in a study, dining room or even in the living room.

8- Free standing shelves

Standing shelves

Noteworthy for both display and storage, these portable shelves can be moved around the house when space is required.

9- Pantry glass shelves

Glass Shelves Set for Pantry

If you want to install glass shelves in the kitchen you can do so. To put your culinary items like utensils, spice jars, coffee mugs or pretty much anything else that would otherwise go on the counter and take up an ample space. Pantry shelves are easily adjustable.

10 – Hanging glass shelves

An alternative to pantry shelves, is hanging glass shelves. They are often recommended for those who need a more adaptable and organized storage space.These wall glass shelves can be fit into the wall with hooks which make them more adjustable than other shelving systems. They serve the purpose perfectly for smaller places to bring more style and storage.



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