Glass Interior Ideas to Make Small Apartment Look Bigger and Brighter

Small homes and small apartments are trending all over the world. However, decorating a small space with minimalist here glass interior ideas that make your place pop up, comes as a challenge to many. Frist of all, small spaces can be dark and feel like they are closing in on you. While some may appreciate the cozy cave atmosphere here are some glass interior design ideas that make your small space look bigger and brighter.

Glass walls for a bigger space

Glass walls are great interior idea

Take down those heavy light blocking sheetrock walls and replace them with glass walls. Glass allows light to flow through your space. It provides an airy feeling while also making for clear space separation in your interior. Glass also allows for some reflective surface to bounce light around making it brighter in your home.

Glass Interior Ideas for Railings

Glass railing for deck and terrace

There are endless interior ideas for using of glass in your apartment. Like glass railings, which can be used in your porch, patio or balcony. Using glass railing removes the heaviness of wood or iron. It allows light to flood into your home and you get a sense of openness. Glass railings serve a purpose to reflect light and allow it to brighten dark interior areas.

Glass Stair Rails to Look Bright and Airy

stair glass railings for all wide open look

Staircases are the place notoriously under lit and dark. Often existing in a corner of the home where light seems to disappear. You can remedy these issues with the use of glass staircase railings. When making a list of must-have interior ideas this should be number one if you have stairs. Not only does the glass stair railing allow the darkest parts of the house to be bathed in light, it also makes it safer as well.

Interior Ideas with Backsplash Tiles

Interior ideas for small space with more color reflection

The backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom are often overlooked parts of your small interior which can dramatically impact the look of your space. Especially in a small space, there you want to make use of as much light and reflection as possible. When you have only one window in a kitchen or a bathroom a great way to make it more bright and shiny place is to use glass backsplash tiles. The possibilities of color and style are numerous. The brightness and light they bring to a space if worth the effort of picking something you love for your backsplash.

Take a moment to contemplate your small apartment and where you might be able to implement glass options. Don’t be overwhelmed by designing your small space, glass interior ideas are one of the best and most effective ways to dramatically change a small space with just a couple of design choices.

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