How To Create a Perfect Home Gym- It’s Easier Than You Think

A healthy lifestyle includes watching what you eat, adding fitness into your schedule and balancing your family and career. This balancing act might be the most difficult because after a long day at work, heading to the gym isn’t at the top of the priority list. But, if the gym was right in your home, working out would be as easy as walking in the front door. No more excuses because your home gym gives you everything you need, especially convenience. Here, Fab Glass and Mirror shares helpful tips to create a perfect home gym. You’ll see it’s way easier than you think.

1- Select a Designated Work-out Space

contemporary- Home Gym

Just as the kitchen is for cooking and the bathroom is for bathing, a home work out area should be just for working out. Maybe it’s in the basement, the garage or a spare tiny passage in your home. The ideal space would have a door so you can work out without any distractions. If you don’t have a spare room, select a space within a room that offers some privacy and is dedicated as your “work out zone.” For the purpose you can confined that space with glass walls and create your very own workout space.

2 -Select the Right Equipment for your Home Gym

Gym equipment

Home gym tools


Today’s workout programs and equipment is versatile and portable, so select weights, stationary bikes, treadmills, steppers and other things that fit comfortably in the room. Shop for equipment those are easy to install and has built in wheels, folding frames and other easy to move, transportable features. When planning your work out area, make sure everything you need is handy so the gym is ready when you are. This includes things like yoga essentials, workout balls, weights, music center, gym mirror, television, few dvd’s and any other items you prefer to use for your workout.

3- Install Workout Room Flooring and Gym Mirror

Activity mirror installation

Depending on the area you have, you may want to install special flooring with huge gym mirror. Rubber or foam tiles that interlock are available on the market. That special gym mirror comes in custom size option. makes it achieving perfect posture exercises, yoga and other workouts. Work out flooring also improves the room’s acoustics. This is great for turning up the music during cardio or tuning out distracting noise during yoga and meditation. If flooring is not an option for your space, purchase larger and thicker mats that can be used during workouts and then rolled up and stored afterwards.

4- Create a Well-lit Workout Area

well lit workout space

If there are windows, hang lighter styled window treatments to let the outside light in. If there aren’t windows, install lighting fixtures that will light up the entire room. Consider hanging an activity mirror because mirrors reflect light, make the room look larger and brighten up any space. Activity mirrors are available in many sizes are very easy to install.

Although, the above 4 ideas are the base to create a home gym. But you may make it more pleasant and practical by further adding glass shelves and cabinets in it to hold more accessories without occupying too much space around. So, be ready to get smart and sturdy in your own home gym.

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