Why Transition from Whiteboards to Magnetic Glass Boards is Great

Switching  from traditional white boards and glass panels to latest magnetic glass boards is all about  getting into the transition of modern and durable interior approach. Magnetic glass erazer board is an advance type of glass which is been used on domestic and commercial levels by interior designers which is developing its trend day by day. By considering the stance of demand, Fab Glass and Mirror has introduced high quality and stylish magnetic glass boards.

We address the multiple uses to utilize these boards as aesthetic and durable material. The variety in space styles and their usage can be catered by something reliable; that’s what magnetic glass boards are setting new trend. How this and much is reflected in different efficient uses, let’ take a look!

  • Unique Instruction Display in Restaurants

Use of Glass Boards as instruction Board

Magnetic glass boards are providing a creative mind approach to restaurant’s management and even for home kitchen, display your menu cards and meal schedules on boards in a complete unique way.

  • Modernize the Way you Decor

Glass Boards for interior decor

Highly useful and smart-looking magnetic boards are going to fully facilitate you while showcasing your art collection on walls. It provides a base to craft gallery and protects the wall from pinning.

  • Modify the Classrooms

Transition from whiteboards to Glass Board

One of the top uses of magnetic glass boards is to modify classrooms for smoother write-ups and sleeker wipe-off while delivering lectures.

  • Utilize Glass Board in Conference Table

using glass board in meeting table

Well, If you’re working with small space it’s another unique idea of utilizing the center table of conference area. Introduce magnetic glass board on the table top and add an impression to presentation. This will also help co-members to develop better understanding with your stuff.

  • Introduce as Separators in Sitting Areas

glass board as a wall separator

Magnetic glass boards also ensure the privacy concerns along with grace having its tinted material, so they can be preferably used as separators in halls and larger sitting set-up.

  • Add More Hospitality in Hospitals

Glass board in hospital reception

Launching magnetic instruction board in hospital reception is to receive visitors in a better way with more convenience of reading guidelines.

  • Spice-up the Space of Workplace

innovative add-on for workplace

Give your business an edge of impression while running an office setup.  Installing a magnetic glass board is not just to fix it but to add a eye-catching look for clients while walking through the area. 

A customer shared a story with Fab Glass and Mirror which is all about the phase of transition that took place gradually by replacing white boards with magnetic glass erazer boards. It’s our pleasure to satisfy our clients. As our priority is to make your life super easy and convenient, we introduce products to fully serve the needs in advance way.


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