5 Good Reasons to Stock Up on Rock Salt Lamps

Rock salt lamps add a natural, ambient light source to any room, but decorative salt lamps aren’t just for show. They have practical purposes too, and you may reap some rewards from placing them throughout your house. In fact, the same natural elements that make rock Salt Lamps so beautiful may also help improve your sleep, air quality, mood and so much more.

Here are five of the best reasons to put Himalayan rock salt lamps in your home:

Salt lamps For Deeper, Easier Sleep

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pink Himalayan rock salt has negative ions, which counteract and filter out positive ions from computers, air conditioning and other electronics. This is helpful if you’re overstimulated by positive ions all day long and struggle to fall (or stay) asleep at night. Salt rock lamps also offer a soft, ambient alternative to harsh overhead lighting – which provides natural cure to another man-made source of insomnia.

Cleaner, Better Smelling Air

Salt lamp home decor

Rock salt absorbs water molecules from its surroundings, so rock salt lamps may actually soak up dirty odor-causing particles from your home. After the hot lightbulb evaporates the water from these molecules, remnants of smoke, dust, dirt, pollen, and more stay behind in the salt. Because rock salt lamps are a natural purifier, they’re a great choice for homes with pets and kids.

Mood-Boosting Natural Light

Crystal Rock Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape


Because Himalayan rock salt is naturally pink and opaque, it spreads white light while giving it a warmer, more relaxing tone. As a light source, salt lamps have similarities with actual sunshine, which is also warmer and more evenly spread than white artificial lighting. If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder or just get gloomy on rainy days, rock salt lamps are an easy way to bring a warm, natural light source indoors.

Salt Lamps Help To Make Better Concentration 

Salt Lamps Benefits

Positive ions may do more than disrupt sleep patterns. They could also make it harder to concentrate, by reducing the amount of blood and oxygen that reaches your brain. Thanks to the negative ions in Himalayan rock salt, these lamps can help counteract some of these effects and boost oxygen and serotonin in your brain. Whether you work from a home office or just want to start your day clear-headed, a rock salt lamp

Shapes & Colors for Every Room

Variant Shapes and colors of salt Lamps

Of course, modern rock salt lamps have more decorative versatility than ever before. Thanks to multiple shape, size and charging options – not to mention color-changing LED light bulbs – you can choose the right rock salt lamp for every single room of your home, then customize the light to suit your style, mood or seasonal preferences.

So, are you ready to reap these benefits (and many more) of rock salt lamps? Check out our wide selection of Himalayan rock salt lamps to find the perfect light sources for your home.

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