Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Mini Air Purifier Salt Lamps

Match the beauty of a Himalayan Salt Lamp with the power of technology with a multicolor USB salt lamp. All of the benefits that you expect from a Himalayan salt crystal lamp are here, most notably its ability to draw in moisture and purify the toxins that you may have in your environment from the air in a process known as hygroscope. They also have the natural orange-pink glow that has made Himalayan salt lamps famous throughout the world.

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Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

We spend nearly all of our time surrounded by electronic devices that emit radiation that has been proven to be harmful while seeing by the light of unnatural florescent or radiant lighting that has none of the beneficial effects of sunlight. By replacing your light source with a natural shape Himalayan salt lamp, you can noticeably improve your living space in every area impacted by these side effects of the modern world.

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Decorative Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

If you've been wanting, to buy a Himalayan salt crystal lamp for your home but the natural stone shape hasn't felt quite right for your home, then take a look at the modern allure of a salt lamp carved into a pristine Decorative Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps shape. Cast a regal shine over your personal kingdom with the orb lamp, create a serene space for seeking enlightenment with the pyramid shape, or mimic a row of torches through your foyer with flame-shaped lamps.

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Himalayan Natural Glow Metal Baskets

A fireside glow holds a special place in our hearts thanks to the beauty and warmth it casts around it, making an ordinary evening into something special and unique. Now, a busy modern life keeps the majority of us from having the time to get away from the constant barrage of radiation and information that technology is throwing at us. You can get a glow that's just as soothing with even more health benefits with a Himalayan basket salt lamp.

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The Organic Ambiance of Himalayan Salt Lamps

We need light to see, but the light that we frequently use is overly bright and at frequencies that are obnoxious to our eyes. Unfortunately, there was no good alternative to typical light sources until the invention of the Himalayan salt lamp. The versatile salt stones come in natural and shaped sculptures which have a unique aesthetic that can't be matched by anything else. The pinkish-orange hue that the lamp emits is soothing and warm, but you can also try a multicolor USB lamp to pick a color that fits your architectural dreams. In addition to the visible effect on the ambiance, salt possesses a quality known as hygroscopy that absorbs water vapor and the attached microbes from the air. They also emit negative ions that reverse the effect of positive ionization from other technological devices which are known to have detrimental health effects over time such as increasing the risk of cancer. Combined with the natural beauty of the hazy, soft light that is more enjoyable than a bright overhead or grating florescent light, a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp will instantly improve the ambiance of any room in a natural and healthy way.

Himalayan Natural Glow Salt Crystal Lamp

10 Reasons to Own a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  1. The combination of health benefits and natural beauty make Himalayan salt lamps one of the best purchases that you can make when remodeling your home decor or if you've been feeling a bit stuffy and confined in your own home.
  2. Leaving a salt lamp on for a prolonged period creates a net change in the room's ionization, pushing back against the positive ionization put out by technological devices.
  3. The light of a salt lamp can help to lift up your mood and improve the level of concentration, making you easier to concentrate on those important tasks around.
  4. Salt lamps make a great conversational piece on top of setting an intimate mood for gatherings with friends over a glass of wine or bottle of beer.
  5. Multicolor salt lamps can take on an array of colors at your choice or in a slow sequence of shifting colors. Make a shrine to your team illuminated in their colors, create the perfect backdrop for your live stream, or let your kids enjoy the fun of playing with the colors.
  6. With geometric shape salt lamps, there is no type of decor that can't be enhanced with a Himalayan salt lamp, even if you have a dolphin-themed room or want to place a bright home in your miniature Christmas village.
  7. If you have children who are afraid of the dark, a salt lamp's light is soft enough to not keep them awake while making a healthier environment to help them grow and flourish.
  8. Basket salt lamps are a camp-side glow that you can stick anywhere in your home without creating a fire hazard.
  9. Large salt structures like the lamp absorb moisture from the air through hygroscopy, pulling in the microbes floating along with it.
  10. The light from a salt lamp is at a frequency that soothes your eyes after hours of staring at a screen or working under fluorescent lights.
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