The Art of Mirrors

The beautiful, clear glass of a quality mirror can add a reflective surface to any area of the house. Round mirrors can be added as a decorative touch to a variety of rooms in a home or business.

The artistic home or business owner can use a mirror as a display stage for a collection of seashells, handmade figurines or antique jewelry pieces. Place the mirror flat on a bureau or sturdy table and arrange the decorative treasures on the surface.  The items will reflect off of the glass, adding extra depth to the beauty of the collection.

An artist can use a mirror for an ever-changing decorative piece in a bedroom or entry way. The inner one-inch area of the beveled polished edge is the perfect glass canvas for painting a lovely vine or floral design with acrylic paint.  After the paint is easily removed, the square or circular painted edge can be changed at whim for a subtle display. These designs can be painted freehand or stenciled.

A mirror is an eye-catching piece when it is the center of a decorative wreath. The foam or straw-based form should be attached firmly to the wall outside of the outer edge of the mirror.  Evergreens, silk floral arrangements, feathers, dried flowers, and a variety of other materials can be used to make a magnificent seasonal display.

A beautiful round mirror is a statement all on its own.  The beveled edge glass piece can be hung in a hallway, the bathroom, or over a bureau in a bedroom.

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