6 Best Ways to Use Clear Plexiglass Sheets in Commercial or Residential Projects

Home interior and architecture industry is on the bang of innovation. And here comes, Clear plexiglass sheets, which also known as clear acrylic sheets, those have much to offer. They are affordable, safer option than regular glass and able to hold up to extensive wear and tear. They are also great for a variety of commercial and residential projects. Let’s find out some interior items, you should prefer buying with Plexiglass sheets.

1- Skylights

Skylight with Plexiglass sheets

Skylights are ideal in just about any commercial building with an atrium or breezeway. They not only look nice but also reduce energy expenses by allowing natural light to enter the building. At the same time, homeowners can also benefit from all that a skylight has to offer. Recent estimates show that homeowners who install skylights in a house will recoup 75% of the money spent.

2- Plexiglass sheets for Windows

window and walls plexiglass sheets

Clear plastic panels are an affordable alternative to conventional windows. They let in ample natural light and the fact that they are shatterproof helps to protect a home or building from break-ins. In fact, clear plexiglass is so impervious to damage that it is commonly installed in banks, government buildings and other buildings with high security standards.

3- Best for Shower Enclosures

Glass shower door with acrylic glass

Homeowners who are looking for a safe, affordable and stylish shower enclosure will find acrylic sheets to be ideal. These sheets are safe even for those who have small children in the home as acrylic does not shatter like glass does. Fab Glass and Mirror offers these sheets in various sizes and tint options to suit the needs of any family or individual.

4- Greenhouses with Plexiglass sheets

greenhouse glass with plexiglass sheets

Greenhouses, like skylights, can significantly increase the value of any home. They cost about $13,500 to install but boost a house’s value by an impressive $12,000. Acrylic is an ideal material for the job because it provides ample light, does not collect dirt and can withstand inclement weather.

5- Multiple Furnishings Options with Plexiglass Sheets

glass furnishing

Plexiglass sheets make great table tops, shelf covers and backsplashes. They are particularly ideal for a home or business that is meant to have a modern style of decor.

6- Whiteboard Alternative

Businesses and individuals who work from home often find that installing a whiteboard on the wall is a good way to provide visible space to write important notes, announcements and reminders. Clear plexiglass sheets are an ideal alternative to a regular whiteboard because they are stylish and can be cut in just about any shape. Additionally, Fab Glass and Mirror offers plexiglass for sale in various dimension, thickness and edging options to ensure that you get the sheet that will suit your exact needs.

Clear acrylic sheets can be used in place of glass for a variety of commercial and residential projects. What is more, Fab Glass and Mirror makes it easy for anyone to find the exact sheets that he or she needs for any task. Consider the options, select the sheets that are just right for you personally and benefit from all that plexiglass has to offer.


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