Add Grace in Wooden Furniture with Glass Top

It would be hardly any interior which doesn’t have any sort of wooden furniture. It looks quite graceful and is also one of the ever-green and durable materials. No doubt, it also requires proper care because a wood looks really odd when it receives scratches, dents or dings. But not further, because Fab Glass and Mirror is keeping a wide range of custom cut glass top to protect your furniture in these forms.

Protect the wooden tables

1. Protect table

As tables are one of the most needed accessories in home interior, it’s also not necessary that their rough and tough use must spoil their appearance. Must go for a glass table top for a wooden table because it’s best to protect the underneath wood and can prevent any kind of scratch or spot while daily use.

Secure the consoles

2. Secure console

The common use of consoles and dressing tables is to display cosmetics, hair/body oils and other small accessories. All these items can easily get onto the wooden top and can leave a permanent sticky spot. A glass top is a perfect way to secure your console and to also enhance its working.

Add a grace in your tables



3. Take care of bedside tables

Coffee table isn’t only the important feature in your interior, its one of the most functional piece of furniture laying in your place. Add a rustic look in it that drives a modern feel to the whole environment. While taking rest on your comfortable bed, side table serves you a lot. Whether it’s a need to place a cup of coffee or to put any cosmetic, the possibility of stains is same here. A glass top takes good care of your side table’s wooden top by adding grace in its look.

Classic to modern combination



The wooden shelves are also closer to get the stains/dents by wet and inserting pens may also leave an ugly ink spot in bookcase. By laying a glass top in it, you can secure the shelf from all the stains or simply order stylish and convenient glass shelf in budget friendly offer.

Secure the serving trolley

5th heading

Using glass top as a surface of serving trolley secures its wood from the marks of hot pots and tinted crockery. With a glass top, your trolley will ease you to use it freely and look trending as well.

Thus, it’s quite easy to lengthen the life, as well as new look of your wooden furniture. Feel free to order any sort of glass top; here Fab Glass and Mirror has commendable service to provide custom cut glass and mirror in every shape and size which you yearn for. It’s not for missing because we offer low prices and special discounts.

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