Professional Glass Wall Effect For Your Home & Patio

Would you like that if your beautiful home interior loss its first impression due to a shabby patio? Of course, it will be a big NO from your side. Then let the Fab Glass and Mirror disclose some professional tips of creating glass wall effects in the patio and make it a classical entrance for interior. Explore here:

      1.Design an outer sitting


To make your patio sitting look like a room, the panels of insulated glass are best which cover to the front of patio. Insulated and laminated both glass sheets can be used long with metallic/steel frame for a proper wall-like resistance.

      2.Introduce glass wall effect

Marie Jablonski - Insulated Glass 7


By introducing high windows on the outer side of your room, the design can also create an effect of glass wall. But this strategy is needed to be used at the stage of planning a architecture which allows large window frames to take place into the half part of full glass wall.

     3.Add a folding opening to interior



A fold-able frame with insulated glass panels can create highly functional coverage to your interior. Somehow, magnetic glass boards are also been fixed into the frame which looks colorful and charming.

   4.An open patio but aesthetic

Stitched Panorama


Don’t have a specific space for patio? You may still develop a welcoming sitting and involve the reflection of glass in it. Utilize your creativity and add the grace of glass panels without getting bound for the option of glass wall. Take advantage of inner windows and install laminated/insulated glass panels in them to make both inner and outer sitting aesthetic.

To accomplish your dream of luxurious and appealing in home, Fab Glass and Mirror not just maintains interior beauty but also the exterior with stylish and inexpensive glass products. Visit site to explore much more which suit your choice and budget as well.

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