10 Year Insulated Glass Warranty

Fab Glass And Mirror  makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, except that for a period of ten (10) years (five (5) years with muntin bars) from the date of manufacture, under normal conditions of service, material obstruction of vision resulting from film formation or dust or moisture collection between the interior surface of the insulating glass windows will not occur.

This warranty is effective only if installation is made in accordance with our specific instructions and does not apply to failure of the product on account of faulty installation or building construction or design or improper glazing procedures.  This warranty shall additionally become null and void for all purposes if the insulated glass units are damaged by improper handling or if the insulating glass units are subjected to stresses resulting from localized application of heat which may cause excessive temperature differential over the glass surface or edges of the unit, or if strain is applied to the insulated glass units by movement of the building or provisions have not been made in accordance with sound practice for adequate expansion or contraction of framing members.

Purchaser hereby expressly covenants and agrees that Fab Glass And Mirror shall have the sole and exclusive right to determine whether or not the failure of any insulated glass product is subject to coverage under the terms and conditions of this limited warranty agreement.  Fab Glass And Mirror 's maximum liability under the terms of this warranty shall be the delivery of replacement units F.O.B. to the shipping point nearest the place of installation.  Fab Glass And Mirror LLC  shall bear no other expense of any type or nature including labor cost.  Purchaser hereby expressly covenants and agrees that purchaser’s rights are limited to a refund of the purchase price or the furnishing of replacement product.  The decision as to whether to refund monies paid or a place product shall remain solely and exclusively with Fab Glass And Mirror  .  Warranty does not apply to such replacement beyond the original ten (10) year (five (5) years with muntin bars) period  applying to the original unit nor does it apply to insulated units installed in ships or boats, vehicles or commercial refrigeration.

No representative or agent of Fab Glass And Mirror  has any authority to change or modify this limited warranty agreement in any respect nor to assume any other obligation or liability on the part of Fab Glass And Mirror .  Both purchaser and Fab Glass And Mirror  hereby expressly covenant and agree that the foregoing limited warranty represents the entirety of any agreement between the parties hereto.

Glazing Instructions

The performance of insulated glass depends largely on glazing products and techniques. Fab Glass And Mirror units must be installed to properly ensure trouble-free service.

  1. The sash opening must be level, plumb and square and structurally adequate to support the weight load of the glass to prevent mechanical stressing of the glazed insulated unit. All sash corner joints must be watertight and the sill member must be weeped to the outdoors.
  2. Units must be glazed on two rubber (or equivalent material) setting blocks located at the quarter points of the sill. Blocks should be three to 4 inches long and 1/8" wider than the unit thickness to obtain a uniform and equal support.
  3. Edge clearances of 1/8" to 1/4" depending on the size of the unit must be maintained, 1/8" for small 1/2" units and 1/4" for larger units.
  4. Glazing materials such as neoprene gaskets or non-corrosive glazing materials such as butyl tapes are recommended. Never use putty or glazing compounds which contain solvents or mineral oils. These materials are known to be harmful to insulated glass units.
  5. A watertight seal must be maintained throughout the lifespan of the unit. Water entering the sash with subsequent freezing and thawing will almost definitely cause unit failure.
  6. Failure to follow the above recommended glazing instructions can affect the functioning of the unit and thereby avoid this warranty.