5 Amazing Glass Sheet Ideas To Makeover The Workplace

One of the things that separate modern workplaces from the old days is the enormous use of glass. Glass sheets for windows, doors, for tables and cabinets, you can see them everywhere. It’s something that has been in style for decades and doesn’t look like its going out of it anytime soon. Here are 5 amazing ideas for using glass sheet to make your workplace swankier than ever.

Mounting glass walls/separators

Walls and separators of glass sheets


These are a very common and extremely stylish trend for the modern workplace. Glass allows more light to enter and make workplace brighter and sunnier. This natural brightness has shown to boost productivity in offices. The one setback of using glass sheets for walls is usually the idea of privacy, especially in cabin settings. In this case, you can use frosted glass. This way, there is still light flowing into the room without compromising privacy. You can also use black painted glass or tint glass which gives enough privacy while maintaining some transparency.

Glass branding & name tags

Frosted glass sheets of buildings

Using films and frosted glass is a very popular way of branding the office with the business logo curved on them. It is also possible to use these to put down the name of the person inside the cabin or otherwise label the room and its purpose. This gives a simple solution to the problem of putting a name plate or board which could put the decor of the office out of sync. Black painted glass is wonderful for making things stand out over doors and wall displays.

Glass windows for natural views

Large Windows for light and view

Using glass sheets for the windows is a no brainer, not only does it let light in, it also lets your employees get a good view of some greenery and nature. If you do not have the luxury of a view like this, you can create it quite easily with some hanging gardens right outside your window. They don’t cost too much and are easy to maintain.

Glass is like a canvas

Glass sheets are like canvas

You can put whatever you want on it. This is why printed glass is all the rage now. You can have caricatures, logos, cartoons, random pattern glass and so many other options. The result is that you have a variety of creative displays in your office, all set to wow the people that walk in and make people want to work at your office. Glass is something that has become normal in every office, the way to stand out is to differentiate the way you use the glass to show your creativity.

Colour themes and contours in the office

Glass wall and separator

This is where tint glass and patterned glass are absolute winners. Natural light that passes through tint glass comes out in the colour of the tint. Meaning you can splash your office in bright and happy colors like orange, pink, green and yellow to make it feel more playful and relaxed. The pattern glass splashes the shadows of the designs out, letting the light play inside the office. A combination of both is something to behold.

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