Frameless Bypass Shower Door

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Bypass doors are the most common option for shower and bathtub shower enclosures. The doors slide back and forth, allowing you to enter or exit from either side of the bathtub when taking a shower and fully enclosing the space so no water leaks out. However, some bypass shower doors can look dated. If you are looking for a modern take on bypass shower doors, frameless bypass shower doors can provide you with this option. The doors do not have a large, bulky frame. Instead, they are solid glass. This gives them a modern and current look and feel.

Why to Use Bypass Shower Door

If you have a bathtub and shower combination, bypass shower doors are the most common type of doors that are used for your shower enclosure. You have two shower doors that are installed on tracks. Both doors can slide the full length of the track, back and forth, much like sliding closet doors. This helps to contain the water within the shower stall, while also allowing for full flexibility in which side of the shower or bathtub you can enter or exit from. If you are looking to install new doors on a bath and shower combo, bypass doors may be right for you. One of the most crucial things when choosing a frameless shower door is the measure and install. Typically, most of the frameless glass shower doors are not perfect squares so do not always think about the square glass when you go to measure them since they will not fit. Once you make up your mind that you need the frameless glass door, don’t change it midway since the doors are custom made.

Frameless Bypass Shower Door
Frameless Bypass Shower Door

How To Keep Frameless Shower Screen Looking Like New

Maintenance will need to be done to remove soap buildup and water spots from shower doors. This is an easy process and will work for any type of Frameless glass shower enclosure. A cleanser made especially for glass shower doors will be necessary to break up debris so it can be wiped away from panes with ease. A cleanser can be purchased in the cleaning supply section of a home goods store or commercial-grade products can be found through a glass retailer.Appling the cleanser directly to the Frameless shower glass panel is quite easy. Cleansing is important because the steam from the heated water when using the shower will help to disintegrate any hardened soap or water deposits from the panes of glass easier than if the cleanser was applied when glass is dry. A squeegee can then be used to wipe away the solution.

Use a back and forth motion, collecting any moisture from the corner of the squeegee with a piece of cloth. If a sliding door is present, moisture buildup under the portion where panels meet will need to be removed by inserting a piece of cloth in between them. Yearly maintenance is also necessary to keep customized frameless glass shower doors sleek. Severe buildup can be removed by applying warm vinegar to panes of glass. A half and half vinegar/water mixture can be heated in a microwave. Simply wipe the vinegar mixture over affected areas, and wipe off with a piece of cloth. Car wax can be applied directly to glass panels once a year. This should be wiped onto glass in a circular motion so it gets into all porous areas before it is rinsed away from glass. This will revitalize glass panels so they have a smooth surface.