Frameless Bypass

The linear sliding shower door is the best way of bringing beauty and extra performance to your home affordably and excitingly. It can be an essential part of your modern bathroom. These doors are usually framed around the outside edges by a high-quality stainless steel frame.

They are available in a variety of finishes. Although the side metal bars are optional, it is advisable you install a clear plastic sidebar which will work as bumper replacing the metal. The smooth and affordable upgrade to a linear sliding shower door is not only a pleasure for you to enjoy but also a great attraction factor for potential home-buyers. Homes with these types of doors tend to sell faster.

The installation process of these doors is simple and less time-consuming. You will also discover that the linear sliding shower doors are easy to clean and don’t have a bottom rack hence eliminating the possibility of mold accumulation. You can always choose from a variety of handles and knobs to suit your home style and preference since the knobs and handles aren’t glued on the glass.

They also feature a sleek and the latest frame design that provides the much-needed stability. The hardware system is also stable which makes sure that the door won’t sag and will always glide quietly and smoothly for a very long time. The stainless top-of- the-line aluminum hanger ensures that the glass of the door remains firmly in place.

The most effective and proven way of cleaning such doors is by using protectants which helps in keeping the glass cleaner and prevents build-up over time. The linear sliding shower doors are easy to install, clean, maintain, luxurious, quite, and smooth.

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