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Living Room Coffee Table

Thanks for taking a tour of Fab Glass and Mirror! We offer the best quality, up-to-date glass made products. Be sure to visit our website often for the latest stylish updates. When it comes to unique and fashionable coffee tables, Fab Glas is your one stop shopping source!

Oval Shape Coffee Table

Are you looking for a unique piece that will wow your friends? Our amazing oval glass top coffee table will do the trick! The vibrant Red Oval Shape Coffee Table is unique and stunning! It will enhance the decor of your home, office, or bar. The eye-catching red color is sure to impress!

Noguchi Coffee Table

Unique in shape, this coffee table will add panache to your decor. The Noguchi Style Glass Coffee Table works well with your modern, contemporary setting. The Noguchi table is bound to stand out when you entertain!

Bent Glass Coffee Tables

Ideal to be used as a coffee table, desk, or work space, this contemporary, tempered bent glass coffee table can be used alone, or nested in a set. Easy to clean and maintain, the Bent Glass Coffee Table is a space saver. Perfect for a small apartment or office, its multi-purpose functionality and sleek profile will fit into any decor!

Round Glass Coffee Table

Round Glass Coffee Table

As you look to purchase a coffee table, you will find that you have many options. A round glass coffee table is the perfect option for many households. Glass is trendy and stylish right now. Light also flows through it, so it doesn't cut off light, like wood and metal tables do. And since it is round, there are no sharp edges that can be harmful to a toddler or small child, making it a family-friendly option. Buy Now

Glass Side Tables

Glass Side Tables

Glass side tables are a stylish way to add storage space to your living room without taking up too much space. Glass end tables allow light to shine through them, which helps to prevent them from cutting off space. If you are looking for something modern and that doesn't take up too much space in your room, turn to glass side tables with metal accents. Buy Now

Contemporary Coffee Tables To Match Your Style and Budget

An instant improvement to living space can be accomplished with the addition of a Glass Coffee Table. A Glass Coffee Table is a piece of furniture that can come in an array of styles, glass thicknesses, and colors. Impress guests with Glass Coffee Table pieces to match living room design. A Glass Top Coffee Table is likely to be a conversation piece when it is located in a home or office. A Glass Top Coffee Table offers an area for resting belongings while improving the appearance of living space. Select a Glass Top Coffee Table design to match existing decor.

Glass end tables add convenience to any room. Spruce up an office, living room, art studio, or bedroom with the addition of pristine Glass end tables. Glass end tables with shelving or modern design work will add character to a home or business and will sure to become conversation pieces. Add a Glass Side Table to a living room for the holding of necessary items to keep them within arm's reach. The addition of a Glass Side Table will instantly add an area for resting beverages, magazines, and other useful items. The appearance of a Glass Side Table in a room will improve the living space while providing convenience to those utilizing the area. Different styles are available to choose from, as well as different price ranges. Glass styles and thicknesses vary, making this a versatile piece that can be specified to match the desires of the buyer's individual wishes.

An Oval Glass Coffee Table is attractive in any room in the home or business. Specify the glass thickness and color desired when ordering an Oval Glass Coffee Table. Several styles and sizes are available when selecting an attractive and useful Oval Coffee Table for your home or office.

Impress guests, clients, or family members with the presence of a Round Glass Coffee table in living or office space. A Round Glass Coffee table will not take up an abundance of room, making it a great piece of furniture for rooms without a lot of space. Increase the modern style to any room with the addition of a Round Glass Coffee Table for convenience and attractiveness sure to please.

How To Select The Best Glass Table For Your Room

When picking out a glass coffee table, there are several points to consider ensuring it will be a perfect match for the area where it will be displayed. The first step when picking out a glass coffee table, no matter what type of room it will be used in, is to do complete measurements of floor space. This will help to keep the size of the table within the parameters necessary. Knowing the measurements of the room will also be useful in fitting other pieces of furniture in the area without them appearing cluttered or over-crowded in the process. In a smaller room, a corner or glass side table may be best. This way there will be ample space for walking around, while still having a designated area for a decorative table in place. Smaller tables can be positioned on each side of a couch or chair, giving people useful areas for holding necessary items. In a larger room, a round glass coffee table will quickly become the focal point of the space. These majestic pieces of furniture will stand out while making a bold statement. If the space will not be used by a large number of people, an oval glass coffee table is another option that works well at providing a conversation piece without overpowering the room. The glass thickness, shape of the table, and type of framing will need to be selected. This is a personal choice that can be matched to the rest of the furnishings, the wall and floor color, and style desired.