Glass Table Top Replacement – Why You Need to Invest in New Table

The year is 2019, and interior design is taking a sleek turn to modern home interiors. Glass tables are the norm, and people love this trend. If you still own an antique table with a wooden or metallic top, you may want to change that. The Glass table top trend is finding its way into many modern homes. Here are some reasons why you need to invest in new tables or book a glass table top replacement.

1. A glass table top is trendy and beautiful

Glass table top a trendy interior item

Glass tables are truly your interior décor friend. These are ideal for any living spaces either small or spacious. You can also use them to blend in already existing style. You can use a glass table top with wood, glass, and metal to achieve that chic style in your living space. Also, the transparent nature of glass gives a neat and elegant feel by exposing the floor rug and anything beneath.

2. Definitely a versatile option

Glass is versatile option

If you have an old fashioned table in your home, it may not look right when you change up the décor. However, glass tops on any furniture make a good fit for any décor. You can customize your tops to match any desired effect on your home. Modern homemakers are keen on creating a particular décor feel throughout the living space. Many homeowners use glass table tops which blend in the rest of the décor for an elegant finish as well as creativity factor.

3. Replacement glass for your shattered glass table

You may have heard about how glass table tops break with some pressure. Luckily, you can always get a replacement of this. If you have a broken glass table, do not throw it out yet. So, measure the full dimensions of the tabletop and send them to our team. Plus, with the measurements, you can also indicate the shape of the glass you require. Ultimately, you can order a different shape from your first top. You will get a doorstep delivery of your glass table top within no time.

4. Glass top is easy to clean

Cleaning glass is easy job

A glass table requires minimal cleaning. With glass soap, you can squeegee away the dirt. Unlike other materials, you can easily spot the dust and blemishes on your table top. You do not have to go through a complicated procedure to keep your top clean. A good wipe with a paper towel after cleaning makes the glass look clean and sparkly.

5. Perfectly easy to maintain

You can keep your glass table top for as long as you wish. However, there are so many do’s and don’ts for caring for your table top. First off, avoid exerting unnecessary weight on the table. Secondly, direct heat on the surface can cause the damage to the glass. You do not need to learn other care practices like polishing to keep your table top to keep in a great shape. As if it breaks, you can always get a glass table top replacement.

6. Get a glass replacement for patio tables

A glass top table for your patio may be all you need to motivate to use it. A glass top is warm, inviting, and friendly. Thus, this glass patio table can face extreme weather conditions. However, glass offer protection to keep your tables beautiful and durable.

7. Glass top for dining tables

Whether you have a big dining area or not, glass table tops are the best. The glass comes in all shapes. You can order a table with your desired top that compliments your taste. For tiny living spaces, round glass tables make your small dining area appear larger.

Once you want to remodel your space, you will find a replacement glass for your table as a great addition to give it a fresh new look to entire place.

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