Top Contemporary Ideas of Home Decor with Wall Mirrors

Although, vanity and dressing rooms are considered the home for wall mirrors but the trend has entirely changed this concept. Interior designers and experts are adopting the way of home decoration with wall mirrors. Here Fab Glass and Mirror has highlighted some areas of home for a unique usage of mirrors; so it’s time for you to explore some ideas.

  1. Mirror Art

A large size wall mirror is truly marvelous to assign a bold look to your ordinary bedroom. Even it’s a running trend to style up the room into artistic way by full length floor mirror fixtures.



  1. Double the Space with Wall Mirror

To use a wall mirror for a boxy  and small area is a perfect tool to expand the space and make it feels like double. The placement within the area can be anywhere you think which is narrowing the feel of comfortable accommodation.



  1. Reflect the Dining Area

Make this family place of your home more appealing and a medium of attraction with some trendy decorative wall mirror. It will create a reflection of your get-togethers and feasts whether it’s everyday meal or any occasional celebration.

urban apartment14

  1. Mirror Gallery in Living Area

According to designers, there’s no hard and fast rule when you have to design your own place and so you can go for good quantity of nicely hanging wall mirrors. You may add a gallery of reflections into your drawing/living room and make a single wall the medium of home’s glamour.

4. Mirror gallery in living area

4th Heading

  1. Enchanting Reflection at Entrance

A boring walkaway is now ready to fill the charm on entering the home because the decorative wall mirrors are the best support to modify an impression less entrance. Must try and experience the transformed look of your home exterior.

5. Enchanting reflection at entrance


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