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Crackled Glass Table Top

Are you in search of a beautiful table for your kitchen or dining room? Consider a crackled glass table top to draw attention and awe. Cracked round glass table tops have been on the rise in various home goods stores as it provides a stable top while also making a beautiful addition to any space.

crackled glass

Crackled Glass In Your Home

Adding a cracked glass table top to any home is a way to change and update the atmosphere, which is ideal if you are planning renovations or want to add a new layer of paint in a space. Before purchasing a cracked glass table top for an area in your home, be sure to measure the space you have available to ensure you are getting the right sized table for the room of your choice. With a cracked glass table top in your home, you are sure to draw the attention of others during your next dinner party.

crackled glass in your home

Difference Between A Crackled Glass Table Top And A Normal Glass Table top?

Whether you are a fan of shattered tempered glass table tops or a shattered glass table top, crackled glass table tops have it all and are much more sturdy and resistant to shattering after purchase. A crackle glass table top is made up of three various pieces of glass put together into one, giving the cracked look that is currently trending. The piece of glass in the center is tempered glass that gives table its unique look and appearance, while the other pieces of glass ensure the table stays together and does not shatter.
crackled glass
crackled glass layerss
normal glass
Standard glass layers

Purchasing of Crackled Glass.

When you are shopping for a crackled glass table top, be sure to verify that you are not simply purchasing tempered or shattered glass and that the type of table you are in search for is in fact, crackled glass. Our crackled glass table tops come in a variety of thickness, giving you various choices when shopping for any room in your home. A crackled glass table top also makes an ideal additional centerpiece to place flowers and decor in just about anywhere in the home. Browsing for a crackled glass table top online is highly recommended as there are more options and variations to choose from than visiting local stores. Many local shops may not have cracked glass table tops in stock and only offer shattered glass, which is more likely to break without the additional layers of traditional glass in between to keep the tempered or shattered glass in place.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Would recommend all day and all night.
By Cathy Feb 7, 2017
Just as it sounds: a big, nice mirror. Nothing fancy, but sturdily built. We didn't use the JBar, as we mounted it with unfinished wood (to match the other large mirror in the room). Would recommend all day and all night.
Thumbs up.
By Kelly B Feb 7, 2017
Mirror arrived safely packed. Uncrated in garage and moved upstairs in cardboard. Condition was excellent. Video instructions (youtube) were helpful. Got it on the wall and seems secure so far. Thumbs up.
They are very nice.
By A Frank Feb 7, 2017
ts not fancy but very good quality real mirror. We didn't use the mirror glue because we didn't want it to destroy our wood wall, so we had to use the j-bar. We didn't think that it wouldn't hold on only one j-bar so we asked if we can get another j-bar. When they said that they will give the j-bar for free I was surprised. They are very nice.
Looks amazing
By Knight L Feb 6, 2017
Excellent Set of Gym mirrors we bought for our Basement. Works like a charm
Excellent product and customer service, just thrilled!
By Gena Feb 3, 2017
The customer service was excellent, helped me choose a standard size glass shelf that suited my needs instead of a custom size, saving me money but still getting the quality shelf I wanted. The seven shelves I ordered were even better looking in person, arrived promptly and in perfect condition. They were packed very well and needed just minimal cleaning when setting up.
looks perfect.
By Brian Feb 2, 2017
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Exactly what I was looking for and looks perfect. Great price too!
very happy with my table
By Nick Feb 2, 2017
i was extremely happy with the service from Fab Glass and Mirror. My table came before it was expected and it was not damaged at all. It was packed in styrofoam and wood and was totally protected. The company shipped it to a local delivery service the day after it was ordered and I received it 2 days later. I had no problems and am very happy with my table. It is exactly how it was described.
Good product
By A John Feb 2, 2017
Its perfectly fit in my Bathroom. Good support and service by Fab Glass and Mirror
Nice and clean. Great value.
By Haitao Jan 27, 2017
I love this frameless wall mirror. It is the exact style I am looking for. Looks great along with my new vanity. Easy enough to install by yourself.